Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, today is my birthday, but I’ll tell you that the last few days have all been good. This post will concern the events of Thursday, which was the day…

…insert drumroll here, please…

…that will be marked as…

…the day when…

…are you ready yet?…

…the U.S. government decided I was worthy of being put on their payroll!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!

Yes, I have finally been offered my first real job, as a Fish and Wildlife Biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service based right here in Carlsbad, CA. I interviewed with them about a week ago and they called me Thursday to offer me the position, and you can bet I snatched that right up. I’m happy to report that I will have a comfortable salary, complete with the satisfaction of knowing that I’m doing something that will utilize my education AND allow me to contribute to a good cause. In a nutshell, my position will be mostly regulatory – I’ll be reviewing development proposals and making sure that they are in compliance with the Endangered Species Act. I start my job on March 20, which gives me some free time to do a small consulting project and then kick back for a couple of weeks (and serve jury duty, but that will be another blog entry). I’m going to probably start apartment hunting during that time, and maybe even go to Mexico (or at least somewhere) for a little fun. Sound good? I’m pretty excited about the whole thing!

Anyway, I have some pictures to post but that will have to happen tomorrow (at the earliest). I’m off to play with my Sims, who have been neglected for the past few months. Cheers!

Fine. I didn’t want that job anyway!

Like, whatever! I didn’t get the Educator Guide position at the Wild Animal Park, but I was going to turn it down anyway. I think the main issue I had was that first, the hours were REALLY variable – between 4 and 20 per week, with no set scheduling, which would make it hard to plan other work. Additionally, the job announcement wasn’t really accurate – I wouldn’t be handling animals, giving animal presentations, or VIP tours. The main duty was helping out with programs for REALLY little kids – as young as 2 – and I’m sorry, but I’m not a babysitter. So there. I think I probably didn’t get the position because I don’t have experience working with such little kids, nor do I want to have that experience. So it’s for the best.

In other exciting events, all of you out there should TOTALLY CALL MY CELL PHONE!!! I’ve got custom rings programmed for all you guys, so when you call, instead of boring ringing you (yes, YOU, not me) will hear other fun things. So you should call me and find out what ring I set up for you! Hee hee hee!

Seriously though, I want a job.

So today I had an interview with the US Fish and Wildlife Service for a biologist position I applied to about four months ago. It was nice though – only 20 minutes away in Carlsbad, and I didn’t even have to take a freeway to get there. I think the interview went really well – no real stumpers, and the people interviewing me seemed nice enough. The position is more regulatory in nature, dealing with development proposals and evaluating what the impacts might be on endangered species.

Did you know that San Diego county has the most endangered and threatened species out of all the other counties in the United States?

So the job is definitely conservation-oriented, and based on what people told me, it’s a real opportunity to actually affect things and help protect endangered species. Pretty cool, I think. They said it would be a few weeks until I hear anything, and not to get discouraged. I’ll call in a couple of weeks for some (hopefully) good news!

Tomorrow is my interview at the Wild Animal Park for the Educator Guide position – part time, but very fun. I guess I’ll have to choose between whatever opportunities are presented to me – hopefully there will be a few options!

Make that a torrential downpour…

P.S. – The Wild Animal Park called today for an interview for the Educator Guide position. And, I’ve also applied for the Education Specialist opening they have at the park / CRES facility. I think that job will be my preference, but we’ll see what happens. Woo hoo!!!

When it rains, it pours…

You’re probably all wondering, with baited breath, what’s going on with the job situation. Well, first off, I’m probably going to tell the wildlife museum to bite me, because I don’t think the salary will be anywhere near what I’d need to pack up and move to the Bay Area; and after talking with them, it seems like the position would really be mostly administrative, managing about a hundred volunteers.


Today I received a call from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, who would like to interview me for a Fish and Wildlife Biologist position in San Diego. So the interview is next week. I’m not terribly excited by this prospect, but who knows – it might be interesting. I’ll keep an open mind about that one.


My friend Mark contacted me about doing some consulting work for him – he’ll give me projects as they come up, which is great because it pays really well and I would definitely be using my education. So my first project will be compiling and synthesizing water temperature standards for western states (or something like that).

And my application is still out there for an Educator Guide position at the Wild Animal Park, which I would LOVE to do. It would be great experience for the direction I want go, and combined with the consulting work, I could make some decent money.

But we’ll see. Are your fingers STILL crossed? Good! 🙂

Guess What???

For a while I was feeling like this:

But now I’m feeling more like this:

You know why? Because the wildlife museum called me back about the the book I wrote in response to their questionnaire! Woohoo!!! So, I have kind of an “informal” phone call scheduled with them a week from Sunday, just to go over what the job is, living in the Bay Area, answer questions I have, etc. And if it still sounds good to me, I progress to the official phone interview. And after that, the in-person interview up in the Bay Area.

What I think is kind of funny is that I got zero response with the government applications I sent out, but I’ve got somebody interested from the first job I applied for in this new direction I’m headed. So maybe I’m onto something, eh? And even if I don’t get this job, I’m sure there are others out there for me – one that I will get.

Are your fingers still crossed for me? Good!

Not getting my hopes up…well, maybe a little!

I know it has been a while since I’ve posted, Faithful Readers, but I have truly been very busy. I thought I’d share with you my New Years’ Resolution; I’m usually opposed to making Resolutions because I, of course, am Perfect Just As I Am and there’s usually no need to make such petty improvements. However, I’ve realized something during my Year of Miserableness, otherwise known as 2005 to the rest of you, that my friends are terribly important to me. So how about this:

– My Year of Awesomeness (a.k.a. 2006) New Years’ Resolution –
I will strive to keep in better contact with my friends and loved ones!
This Means You!
Aren’t You LUCKY????
Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I can share with all of you some potential brightness: I’ve applied for another job! I’m pretty excited about this one actually – it’s for an interpretive services manager at a wildlife museum in the Bay Area. I think it would be pretty cool to be there because I already know tons of people, and it would be between Mom and Anne and Paul. I actually made it past the first round of the selection process – that is, they didn’t take just one look at my resume and toss it in the good old circular file. Nope! They actually expressed some interest, and asked me to fill out a questionnaire along with some other hopefuls! So, 16 single-spaced typed pages of text and pictures later (that included a Kiss concert photo, by the way) I was told that I would be contacted “soon” about whether I advance to the phone interview or not. So wish me luck, eh? If I don’t make it – oh well – I’m kind of used to it by now. I’ve got some other fun jobs to apply for anyway.
We’ll chat again soon, no? And by the way, I’m pulling out the tough love on myself with the New Years’ Resolution: this blog does not count as “keeping in contact”. Ouch!

A Glimpse of Clarity!

Yesterday, while zoning in the trance-like state I am able to achieve while monitoring recorded phone calls for quality control, I suddenly found myself struck by an odd sense of clarity. This clarity, as you might have guessed, concerns my BIG question, What Should I Do With My Life.

Fortunately for me, Mom had given me a book for Christmas with this very title. I’ve only started reading it this past week, but I’ve been impressed by two points already. First, I’ve been scared that I just don’t want anything, that I have no more passion. That it has been beaten out of me. Not true! I learned that people who struggle always have passion – if they didn’t care about anything, there would be no struggle. So that’s important lesson number one.

The second thing I’ve realized is that I need to have fun. And that it will be possible for me to do this in my career. Basically, in applying for all these government jobs, I’ve been barking up the wrong tree. I’ve always gotten everything I’ve truly wanted, and the reason I’ve been getting NO reponse to these applications is probably due to the fact that I don’t really want these jobs. In the past, I’ve truly enjoyed working – with animals, with writing, with being creative, with interacting with people while educating, with art. And there are jobs out there like this! For me!

So, I’ve decided to pursue a career in conservation education with zoos, museums or aquariums. There are lots of jobs posted on the AZA website, and several sound interesting. A couple even pay pretty well! I’ll be able to educate, entertain, utilize my creative talents, and work for a cause that I believe in. AND, I won’t be abandoning my education (Brett, if you’re reading this, those manuscripts are STILL on my list of things I want to finish – keep the faith!).

Well anyway, it was just a glimpse. Tomorrow the clouds might come in and I might decide to pursue telemarketing from a tiny, dark cubicle for my career. If that happens, either shoot me or point me to this blog entry. Thanks!

Enough with the recorded phone calls…

Woohoo! They’ve finally decided to expand my duties at work, letting me climb out of the pit known as “listening to recorded phone calls for eight hours per day”. Someone in the department was let go, and they’ve decided to keep me on for a while so that I can pick up the slack. I’ll be trained on monitoring consolidation phone calls (yes, recorded ones…), but I do have a fun project that involves creating an intranet website. Because I’m working in the Quality Assurance/Compliance department, I’ve decided to call the site “QuAC Net” – on the home page there’s a rubber duck, and the whole site has a subtle (or not-so-subtle, as the case may be) duck theme. It’s pretty funny, and the boss likes it a lot!

In the meantime, I’ve applied for a few more jobs – I’m really excited about an application I put in for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife as a communications coordinator. Lots of fun educational, writing, and media projects – I think it will be a good fit, if they decide to consider me. So keep your fingers crossed for me –

Yours truly,
Milto–I mean–Marci 🙂

What, again with the temping?

Sigh. I’m on my lunch break right now, trying to decide if I should let all of my friends with prestigious positions and careers know if I’ve taken a temp job (well, I guess I just decided). Yes, I’m temping again. The same thing I was doing ten years ago (and hating), only this time around I’ve got A LOT more debt under me.

It’s not all bad though – I’m working full time as a “Compliance Quality Control Specialist” at a company that consolidates college loans. You know how when you call a company and you hear the recording “this phone call may be recorded”? Did you know that someone actually has to listen to those calls? Well, that someone be me, at least for now. Basically, I have to analyze calls to see if loan consultants comply with Federal Do Not Call regulations. Fun fun fun. And at least I get to listen to phone calls of some people who have a hell of a lot more debt than I do. But, I will say this: the people that I work with are really cool, and they are amusing to work with. And if you ask me, the people make all the difference in whether you like a temp job or not.

I’m still applying for fishery-aquatic-ecology-biology type jobs, and I’m still getting nowhere. Rejections galore. No interviews, even. What’s going on? Is this some crazy joke that everyone else is in on except for me? Is there a higher power trying to tell me that I’m trying the wrong direction? Should I be focusing on another type of career? Egad! The questions, the questions! I’m open to any kind of advice, folks!