When it rains, it pours…

You’re probably all wondering, with baited breath, what’s going on with the job situation. Well, first off, I’m probably going to tell the wildlife museum to bite me, because I don’t think the salary will be anywhere near what I’d need to pack up and move to the Bay Area; and after talking with them, it seems like the position would really be mostly administrative, managing about a hundred volunteers.


Today I received a call from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, who would like to interview me for a Fish and Wildlife Biologist position in San Diego. So the interview is next week. I’m not terribly excited by this prospect, but who knows – it might be interesting. I’ll keep an open mind about that one.


My friend Mark contacted me about doing some consulting work for him – he’ll give me projects as they come up, which is great because it pays really well and I would definitely be using my education. So my first project will be compiling and synthesizing water temperature standards for western states (or something like that).

And my application is still out there for an Educator Guide position at the Wild Animal Park, which I would LOVE to do. It would be great experience for the direction I want go, and combined with the consulting work, I could make some decent money.

But we’ll see. Are your fingers STILL crossed? Good! 🙂

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