Blogroll Linkies

I read a lot.  Below are links to blogs (and some websites) that I follow along with short descriptions; I hope you enjoy exploring them!  And, if you’d like me to take a look at your blog and potentially list it on this page, feel free to contact me and direct me to your site.  Cheers!

Humor Blogs

Cat Blogs

  • The Nepal Tiger Project:  Run by a friend of mine, dedicated to documenting the movement of tigers and leopards in central Nepal
  • The Original Grumpy Cat:  The world’s grumpiest cat!
  • Hairball Express:  The diary of a kat writing about the frustrations of living with the lower species (humans)
  • And My Cat:  Daily cat pictures!
  • Pusheen the Cat:  Pusheen the cat is an animated web comic series (and a domestic shorthair gray tabby)
  • Stuff on my Cat:  Pretty much that
  • Kitten War:  May the cutest kitten win!
  • Cat vs Human:  Cat comics drawn by socially awkward Yasmine
  • Catsparella:  Pop culture pussycat – all cats, all the time
  • Love Meow:  A blog for cat lovers, lots of rescue stories that will make you cry
  • Catladyland:  Silly, mostly ridiculous cat humor
  • Henri, Le Chat Noir:  The world’s first and foremost feline philosopher
  • Lil BUB:  Beyond being overwhelmingly cute, BUB is an advocate for homeless and special needs pets all over the universe
  • Colonel Meow:  A scotch-drinking cat with aspirations of world domination.  Sadly passed away earlier this year
  • Memoirs of a Young Cat Lady:  Or, confessions of an obsessed cat hoarder

Roller Derby Blogs

Blogs about Writing and Creativity

Miscellaneous Blogs

  • The Near-Sighted Monkey:  Lynda Barry’s Tumblr, includes music, drawing exercises and thoughts about images and the brain
  • Klusmanp:  Written ramblings from “The Cat Guy” (a.k.a. the guy who brought you “The Engineer’s Guide to Cats”)
  • Urban Weeds:  Street style from Portland, Oregon
  • It’s Okay to be Smart:  A blog about science…and other interestingness
  • Running Ponies:  Science blog by Bec Crew about new animal discoveries
  • The Mary Sue:  A guide to girl geek culture
  • Rehana Pet Therapy:  Healing with Persian cats and pets
  • Wandering Gypsy Spirit:  Written by a professional truck drive, about nature, trucking and the amazing things seen on the road
  • Fashion Tipsy:  Fashion and “party journalism at best”
  • Vintage Portland:  Exploring Portland’s past with vintage photos, postcards, illustrations, and advertisements
  • Blisstagram:  Inhale motivation and exhale achievement
  • Artist. Hippie. Cali Chic:  Heather’s Southern California adventures, and the world seen through her eyes
  • The Convolutd Menagerie:  A twisted collection of thoughts, stories and ideas on display for your enjoyment
  • This Curious Universe:  Life’s journey – struggling with the desire for outward perfection while maintaining inner harmony
  • Conscious Companion:  Bridging the gap between animals and their humans
  • Dr. Flopsy’s Days of Whimsy:  Dr. Flopsy chooses something about each day, selects clothing to reflect that, then writes about THAT

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