Another chapter ends…and I’ve listened to my last recorded phone call!

Friday was my last day as a temp at CLC. Which was sad, because I grew to really like everyone that I worked with. But it is also good, because I have a new job to start, and new adventures on my horizon. It was a nice send-off though; they decorated my cube for my birthday, got a “Happy Birthday and Good Luck” cake, and even bought me some essential letterboxing supplies. Out of all the temp jobs I’ve ever worked, this one was definitely the most fun – not because of the work but because the people were so awesome. I will miss them, and hopefully I’ll be able to keep in touch with at least a couple of the friends I made there.

Here’s a picture of everyone, each with their own personalized rubber ducky. From left-to-right, we have Alyssa, Matt, Tricia, Tom, Peter, and Russ in the back row; and Erica, Joan, Marci, and Raquel in the front row. Sadly, Marnie was out sick on Friday but that’s her pink duck I’m holding.

Click here to get down and funky with a farewell dance for Marci!

Enough with the recorded phone calls…

Woohoo! They’ve finally decided to expand my duties at work, letting me climb out of the pit known as “listening to recorded phone calls for eight hours per day”. Someone in the department was let go, and they’ve decided to keep me on for a while so that I can pick up the slack. I’ll be trained on monitoring consolidation phone calls (yes, recorded ones…), but I do have a fun project that involves creating an intranet website. Because I’m working in the Quality Assurance/Compliance department, I’ve decided to call the site “QuAC Net” – on the home page there’s a rubber duck, and the whole site has a subtle (or not-so-subtle, as the case may be) duck theme. It’s pretty funny, and the boss likes it a lot!

In the meantime, I’ve applied for a few more jobs – I’m really excited about an application I put in for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife as a communications coordinator. Lots of fun educational, writing, and media projects – I think it will be a good fit, if they decide to consider me. So keep your fingers crossed for me –

Yours truly,
Milto–I mean–Marci 🙂

Alright Already!!!

I know, it has been a long time since I posted on my blog. But, seeing as how I’m a regular Joe Blow now with my regular Joe Blow job, I don’t have time for all this fancy high-tech frivolity. Work, tv, sleep. Work, tv, sleep. Work, tv, sleep. Oh yeah, and my internet connection has been on the fritz, too. And it’s still not completely fixed – for one, right now I’m connected with a rather short cable to my DSL modem, which is pretty darn inconvenient when you’re used to being wireless. Plus, my neck gave out this past week – I was essentially immobilized on Tuesday and missed work because I was having sharp unbearable stabbing pains in my neck and shoulders with every fraction of a movement I made. I went to the chiropractor for the first time ever on Tuesday and man, those were some scary sounds my neck made. Cracky, cracky!

Ok, so there’s the short update. I’ll write more when I get some time – I have some pictures to post, but in the meantime, here’s a good one for you, a little something called “I guess I could do worse and have this guy’s job” (compliments of Brenda):

What, again with the temping?

Sigh. I’m on my lunch break right now, trying to decide if I should let all of my friends with prestigious positions and careers know if I’ve taken a temp job (well, I guess I just decided). Yes, I’m temping again. The same thing I was doing ten years ago (and hating), only this time around I’ve got A LOT more debt under me.

It’s not all bad though – I’m working full time as a “Compliance Quality Control Specialist” at a company that consolidates college loans. You know how when you call a company and you hear the recording “this phone call may be recorded”? Did you know that someone actually has to listen to those calls? Well, that someone be me, at least for now. Basically, I have to analyze calls to see if loan consultants comply with Federal Do Not Call regulations. Fun fun fun. And at least I get to listen to phone calls of some people who have a hell of a lot more debt than I do. But, I will say this: the people that I work with are really cool, and they are amusing to work with. And if you ask me, the people make all the difference in whether you like a temp job or not.

I’m still applying for fishery-aquatic-ecology-biology type jobs, and I’m still getting nowhere. Rejections galore. No interviews, even. What’s going on? Is this some crazy joke that everyone else is in on except for me? Is there a higher power trying to tell me that I’m trying the wrong direction? Should I be focusing on another type of career? Egad! The questions, the questions! I’m open to any kind of advice, folks!