Guess What???

For a while I was feeling like this:

But now I’m feeling more like this:

You know why? Because the wildlife museum called me back about the the book I wrote in response to their questionnaire! Woohoo!!! So, I have kind of an “informal” phone call scheduled with them a week from Sunday, just to go over what the job is, living in the Bay Area, answer questions I have, etc. And if it still sounds good to me, I progress to the official phone interview. And after that, the in-person interview up in the Bay Area.

What I think is kind of funny is that I got zero response with the government applications I sent out, but I’ve got somebody interested from the first job I applied for in this new direction I’m headed. So maybe I’m onto something, eh? And even if I don’t get this job, I’m sure there are others out there for me – one that I will get.

Are your fingers still crossed for me? Good!

One thought on “Guess What???

  1. i have mixed feelings about this whole job thing…i want u to get it, kind of, cuz it would be good for u, but then u would have to leave!!!! and i don’t think u would want to leave ur new boyfriend! hahasee u sunday for the big game!

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