Happy Birthday to me!

Yes, today is my birthday, but I’ll tell you that the last few days have all been good. This post will concern the events of Thursday, which was the day…

…insert drumroll here, please…

…that will be marked as…

…the day when…

…are you ready yet?…

…the U.S. government decided I was worthy of being put on their payroll!!! Woo hoo!!!!!!

Yes, I have finally been offered my first real job, as a Fish and Wildlife Biologist for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service based right here in Carlsbad, CA. I interviewed with them about a week ago and they called me Thursday to offer me the position, and you can bet I snatched that right up. I’m happy to report that I will have a comfortable salary, complete with the satisfaction of knowing that I’m doing something that will utilize my education AND allow me to contribute to a good cause. In a nutshell, my position will be mostly regulatory – I’ll be reviewing development proposals and making sure that they are in compliance with the Endangered Species Act. I start my job on March 20, which gives me some free time to do a small consulting project and then kick back for a couple of weeks (and serve jury duty, but that will be another blog entry). I’m going to probably start apartment hunting during that time, and maybe even go to Mexico (or at least somewhere) for a little fun. Sound good? I’m pretty excited about the whole thing!

Anyway, I have some pictures to post but that will have to happen tomorrow (at the earliest). I’m off to play with my Sims, who have been neglected for the past few months. Cheers!

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