Fancy New Year, Fancy New Grand Aspirations!

Ok, first off, let me tell you that I re-read yesterday’s post and I fear that I may have gotten a little overexcited. Whoa, there, cowgirl! I mean, who doesn’t want to read more snarky blog posts, see more scandalous photos, view more titillating videos, and whatever the hell else I led you to believe you’d be seeing more of in A Very Marcilicious Blog in 2010?

Well hold on to your pants, friends, because I’m STILL overexcited and STILL determined to bring you more, better, extra, and super-sized Marcilicious blogging! In fact, you’ll notice that the header now says “An Ultra-Marcilicious Blog”, which I hope it remains. Of course, this is still A Very Marcilicious Blog (how could it be anything else?), so no need to update your links or worry your pretty little head about that. But in my effort to come up with *some* sort of New Year’s resolution (which I hate, because they always end up broken and/or forgotten by January 7, usually entail something to do with weight loss and/or body image, and encourage you – in this case me – to screw with something that ain’t broke in the first place. I mean really, why mess with perfection???) I decided that my blogging could use a little rebirth. So lucky you! Fancy new year, fancy new blogging attitude.

A couple of newish things that you might be interested in. First, shortly before I left San Diego, I started taking belly dance lessons. Woo hoo! Much like crows and woodrats, I am attracted to colorful, sparkly, and jingly things, and belly dance costumes are usually crafted out of materials that exhibit these traits. So while I’m still very much a beginner, I’m also very much enjoying prancing about in colorful, sparkly, and jingly hip scarves, letting my ass do what it does best (uh, that would be jiggle). I’m still having trouble getting my upper half and lower halves to communicate and work in some sort of coordinated fashion (boobs, meet ass; ass, meet boobs – pleased to meet you!), but I’m enjoying taking lessons, laughing at myself, and actually feeling fleeting moments of pride when I get something right. I have also learned that I am *not* actually the least coordinated person on earth! I’ve spent WWAAAYYYYY too much money on belly dance clothing and accessories, but I consider it a Christmas gift to myself, and a way to keep me motivated to continue dancing.

The other new item is the acquisition of a new kitten!!! Even as I type, she is attacking my hands, trying to eat the laptop power cord, scratching at the mouse as it moves across my monitor, and performing other simultaneous feats of mayhem. I named her Abbey, after Edward Abbey, who famously wrote The Monkey Wrench Gang. Abbey, I quickly learned, is quite the monkey wrencher, and I’m certain that if I were to let her loose in the desert southwest there would be numerous dam breachings, construction accidents, and general chaos in rapid time. So we’ll just try to keep her contained in this here little apartment in Portland, ‘kay? I got her from the Portland Humane Society when she was just a little thing – maybe 10 weeks old – and she was so tiny and cute. Below is the picture of her they posted on their website – I immediately called and placed a hold on her. Doesn’t she look innocent and precious? Who knew that such a menacing evil lurked within??? Let me tell you who knew: Jesse. Although, within two days, Jesse was letting her curl up with him to sleep, and even suckle off of him (as the below video shows). He looks at me and says, “why? why? why does this kitten think I’m her mother??? why did you do this to me???”

Anyway, happy new year – I hope that the new one brings you happiness, contentment, adventure, good health, and more things to read on this blog, dammit.

Not getting my hopes up…well, maybe a little!

I know it has been a while since I’ve posted, Faithful Readers, but I have truly been very busy. I thought I’d share with you my New Years’ Resolution; I’m usually opposed to making Resolutions because I, of course, am Perfect Just As I Am and there’s usually no need to make such petty improvements. However, I’ve realized something during my Year of Miserableness, otherwise known as 2005 to the rest of you, that my friends are terribly important to me. So how about this:

– My Year of Awesomeness (a.k.a. 2006) New Years’ Resolution –
I will strive to keep in better contact with my friends and loved ones!
This Means You!
Aren’t You LUCKY????
Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I can share with all of you some potential brightness: I’ve applied for another job! I’m pretty excited about this one actually – it’s for an interpretive services manager at a wildlife museum in the Bay Area. I think it would be pretty cool to be there because I already know tons of people, and it would be between Mom and Anne and Paul. I actually made it past the first round of the selection process – that is, they didn’t take just one look at my resume and toss it in the good old circular file. Nope! They actually expressed some interest, and asked me to fill out a questionnaire along with some other hopefuls! So, 16 single-spaced typed pages of text and pictures later (that included a Kiss concert photo, by the way) I was told that I would be contacted “soon” about whether I advance to the phone interview or not. So wish me luck, eh? If I don’t make it – oh well – I’m kind of used to it by now. I’ve got some other fun jobs to apply for anyway.
We’ll chat again soon, no? And by the way, I’m pulling out the tough love on myself with the New Years’ Resolution: this blog does not count as “keeping in contact”. Ouch!