Seriously though, I want a job.

So today I had an interview with the US Fish and Wildlife Service for a biologist position I applied to about four months ago. It was nice though – only 20 minutes away in Carlsbad, and I didn’t even have to take a freeway to get there. I think the interview went really well – no real stumpers, and the people interviewing me seemed nice enough. The position is more regulatory in nature, dealing with development proposals and evaluating what the impacts might be on endangered species.

Did you know that San Diego county has the most endangered and threatened species out of all the other counties in the United States?

So the job is definitely conservation-oriented, and based on what people told me, it’s a real opportunity to actually affect things and help protect endangered species. Pretty cool, I think. They said it would be a few weeks until I hear anything, and not to get discouraged. I’ll call in a couple of weeks for some (hopefully) good news!

Tomorrow is my interview at the Wild Animal Park for the Educator Guide position – part time, but very fun. I guess I’ll have to choose between whatever opportunities are presented to me – hopefully there will be a few options!

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