What a week…

Whew! A lot happened this past week. Ok, first of all, I know you’re all wondering about my job search – my application for the Army Corps job (mentioned in the previous post) fell through, so now I only have two applications out, both of which are long-shots (and not really want I want anyway, truth be told). It’s so much work hunting for jobs that I’m kind of getting discouraged by all this rejection and am wondering if I’ll ever find a job.

In the meantime, I signed up with a temp agency, which will hopefully keep some money rolling in for me while I’m job hunting. I also signed up with Arbonne as an Independent Consultant, so you can look forward to me pestering all you friends and family out there to buy their stuff from me. Seriously though, Arbonne sells really great skin care products (all botanically based, no animal products, no animal testing), and they’re the only products I’ve used so far that have been able to help me with some of my dark spots and fine wrinkles (yes, I’m getting wrinkles!). If you’re curious, ask me about it.

And it’s weird how people come and go in life. I broke up with Bob this week, but also this week, my old childhood chum, Tina Junk, wrote me an email from out of nowhere. It turns out that she lives only about 10 minutes from me! She’s married, and a stay-at-home mom with four kids. We’re going to get together on Wednesday for lunch.

My grandfather (on my mom’s side) went into the hospital yesterday, and was diagnosed with a GI bleed in both his stomach and esophogus. On top of that, he has pneumonia, which isn’t very good. He had surgery earlier this morning to fix his stomach ulcer, and I think he’ll be ok, but we’re keeping our fingers crossed. And Teddy Bear had a cold this week too – he won’t even eat his wet food! But I think he’s getting better.

That’s about it – I have some exciting things planned for this week, so just you wait for the next installment!

I don’t want to jinx myself but…

Woo hoo! I looked up my job application status for the Army Corps of Engineers today, and among all the “rejected” notices, there was actually one application that made it to review! This is the first time that I’ve seen this message, so I think I might have made it past an initial hurdle of some sort. The position is for a Fishery Biologist in Portland, which would be great. I might even end up working with my bro!

So, to recap, I have four applications in consideration right now: one for the EPA, two for the USGS, and one for the Corps. Needless to say, keep your fingers crossed for me! Thanks!

Will somebody please hire me already???

I mean, come on! I keep applying for these government positions, and I haven’t heard anything (except for the one job I didn’t get). It’s such a pain applying for these jobs – enough already! Someone just give me a job! I’m smart, right? Creative, am I not? Provide color in the work environment, yes? I know the speed at which the government works, but I’m getting a little impatient here.

I need money! I need benefits! I need my own office that I can decorate with Sea Monkeys and Life In Hell cartoons (ok, I might even settle for my own cubicle). I want to move out of my uncle’s house before he comes back and discovers that my cat has been peeing on the carpet in his hallway!!! I can live with being an aquatic biologist or ecologist or even a fish-type scientist, but if you know of any position opening up that pays really well and involves petting cats and watching tv, please let me know! Because clearly this is what I’m most qualified for… (and those darn government hiring people know it!).


Today I found out that I did not get the Department of Energy’s Fishery Biologist position. Boo hoo! I really had gotten my hopes up about that one, but apparently, my application was not among the “most qualified” out of the many that they had received. Bastards!

Oh well – I’ll keep applying. My brother told me to not be discouraged, so I’m trying to take his words to heart. At least I have a better idea of what I’d like to do in the next five years (i.e., get a good paying government job in the Pacific Northwest and pay off my debt). So keep your fingers crossed for me – I evidently need all the luck I can muster!

On my way to working for da’ man…

Today I submitted my first application for a real job, since finishing my degree in December. I applied for a Fishery Biologist position with the Department of Energy up in Portland, Oregon. I have mixed feelings about this – first, it would be a good job with stability and a nice pay check. I’d be doing something to possibly help endangered salmon. I’d be very close to my brother Paul and his wife Anne. Rent is about half of what I’d pay living in San Diego. I could say goodbye to much of my debt. I have a couple of friends in the area that I met during grad school, all good things. But I wonder – will I like working for the government? Will it allow me to express the creative side of myself, or will I feel like I’ve sold out, turned my back on my desire to teach, entertain, and do something I really love (even though I don’t know what that is yet)? Will I be able to handle a 40 hour a week research job? Will people pass me on the street and call me a career slut? I’ll let you make that decision next time I see you.

Actually though, I am pretty excited about the prospect of working in Portland, at a real job. It might be just what I need. I might even really like it! Keep your fingers crossed for me, and send along any extra luck you don’t know what to do with. Toodles!