On my way to working for da’ man…

Today I submitted my first application for a real job, since finishing my degree in December. I applied for a Fishery Biologist position with the Department of Energy up in Portland, Oregon. I have mixed feelings about this – first, it would be a good job with stability and a nice pay check. I’d be doing something to possibly help endangered salmon. I’d be very close to my brother Paul and his wife Anne. Rent is about half of what I’d pay living in San Diego. I could say goodbye to much of my debt. I have a couple of friends in the area that I met during grad school, all good things. But I wonder – will I like working for the government? Will it allow me to express the creative side of myself, or will I feel like I’ve sold out, turned my back on my desire to teach, entertain, and do something I really love (even though I don’t know what that is yet)? Will I be able to handle a 40 hour a week research job? Will people pass me on the street and call me a career slut? I’ll let you make that decision next time I see you.

Actually though, I am pretty excited about the prospect of working in Portland, at a real job. It might be just what I need. I might even really like it! Keep your fingers crossed for me, and send along any extra luck you don’t know what to do with. Toodles!

One thought on “On my way to working for da’ man…

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