Meet Bandit: He wants to steal your heart!

Bandit is looking for his forever home!

Bandit is looking for his forever home!

I haven’t written much about the volunteer work that I do, but since I’ve gotten to know the cats and people at Furry Friends, I’ve decided to let the cat out of the proverbial bag.  Furry Friends is a no-kill non-profit cat rescue organization in Vancouver, WA, that houses and fosters cats that need to be adopted.  I volunteer every Sunday morning, helping to clean up the “halfway house” and socializing with the cats.  Some of the cats have been at the halfway house for a long time, but they are all looking for their forever homes.  I’ve decided (and I hope with the blessing of Furry Friends) to occasionally highlight some of the current halfway house residents to help these sweet kitties find the human companions that they need and deserve.

With that, today’s lucky kitty is BANDIT!  Bandit will run away with your heart if you let him, because this little tuxedo is a charmer.  I chose to highlight Bandit because he is such a sweetie and he needs to be adopted by someone who loves to give and receive affection.  A couple of things about Bandit: first, he has been in the halfway house since March of 2014.  He is neutered, and was born in December of 2007, which makes him almost 7 years old.  He does have a limp in his front left leg caused by arthritis, for which he is taking cosequin (a joint supplement).  Here are a few PAWESOME things about Bandit:

  • Bandit is polydactyl and has bonus toes!

    Bandit is polydactyl and has bonus toes!

    Bandit is POLYDACTYL!  That means that he has bonus toes on all of his feet.  Ernest Hemingway had so many polydactyl cats at his house (which are still there, btw) that sometimes polydactyl cats are known as Hemingway cats.  They are also said to be good luck at sea!  You can read more about the amazingness of polydactyl cats here.

  • Bandit was relinquished to Furry Friends because his former companion became ill and could no longer take care of him and his siblings.  He has always been an indoor cat.
  • Bandit loves to snuggle in your lap!  He will hop up in your lap and insta-purrrrrr, and especially loves to be scritched behind the ears.
  • Bandit loves to play, but really just wants a companion to give affection to, and who wants to return the attention.  He’s super mellow and snuggly!

Here are some more pictures of Bandit that I took this morning.  If you are in the Vancouver/Portland area and would like further information on meeting Bandit, please let me know, or contact Furry Friends!  They would love to hear from you, and I’m sure Bandit would just love to meet you, too!

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~~~~~~~~ Update!!! ~~~~~~~~

Bandit was adopted!  On Sunday, August 24, Bandit went home with his new mom, Cynthia.  He’ll have an older feline brother, Taz, and will be very loved.  And the best part is that since Cynthia is my mother-in-law, I’ll get to see him occasionally!  Win-win-win!  Thanks, everyone, for your support and efforts to get this little guy his forever home!

Cynthia and Bandit

Cynthia and Bandit

19 thoughts on “Meet Bandit: He wants to steal your heart!

    • Zlolzzzzz…I’m not sure that’s how the whole cat adoption thing works, Christopher! For your benefit, I will not let our cats know that you suggested such a thing… 😀 ❤

    • Thanks, Sammy! I figured I might as well give it a shot…it breaks my heart seeing these same cats at the halfway house week after week. Of course, it will break my heart when they get adopted and I will no longer see them, but I will be happy that they have found permanent homes! Please keep your fingers crossed for Bandit, and all the other fuzzies who are looking for their human companions! ❤ 🙂

      • My niece volunteered at a shelter for a couple years and ended up adopting way too many cats 🙂 somehow she’d finagle it so she’d then have to travel and my sister would end up with them living permanently at her house. Sort of like the grandmother raising grand kids for her wayward daughter 🙂 My sis and b-i-l love cats -they name them after the characters in PG Wodehouses “Jeeves” books.

        • That is awesome and sneaky 😀 Chris will kill me if I bring home another cat (see the comment from “oboechris” above), but I don’t think he really needs to worry because the thought of me having to scoop just one more cat box is a pretty strong deterrent at this point! 🐱

        • Yeah, I saw Chris’s comment earlier and thought it was really cool that you two can joke online like that. He must be really proud of all the ways you do things to help out people, animals and our planet 🙂

  1. Aww Bandit looks gorgeous. I hope he finds a good home. We rescued our two cats and I’m so happy that we did.
    It must be so lovely to hang out with all the kitties when you go volunteer but of course it would be even lovelier if they all found good homes!

    • Thanks, Celine! Yes, Bandit is a pretty boy, and his personality is super sweet. I’m glad that you have two rescue cats…it’s funny, sometimes I wonder who rescues whom? You’re right…seeing cats find homes is bittersweet, but I’m ultimately so happy that they find full-time humans to love them. I’m just glad that I can help in that process! Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

  2. Bandit has stolen my heart! So cute. Das Kat is still a little wild – we’re not sure how he’ll get along with other cats although he doesn’t like to be alone so I suppose we’ll have to take a chance…. wish us luck! Jan

    • Hi Jan! So am I interpreting this correctly in that you’re interested in Bandit? If so, that’s great!!! Your best bet is to visit the Furry Friends website to contact Those In Charge of Adoptions. If you have any trouble getting ahold of someone, please let me know! Currently, Bandit shares a large playroom with several other cats, which he gets along with. With a careful introduction, I’m sure Das Kat and Bandit could be friends! 🐱

  3. Bandit is beautiful! I hope he finds his forever home soon! So happy to hear that you are spreading your love among the kitties at the Halfway House…They need all the love they can get! Bless you for volunteering!

    • Thanks so much, Michele! I will of course let everyone know when he gets adopted. It will be bittersweet, seeing him get his Forever Home, but he (and all the kitties at the halfway house) deserve it! I appreciate your very kind words 🐱

    • Hi Cynthia! Bandit seems to be fine with other cats…he’s living with several mature cats at the moment. And since Taz has lived with other cats as well, I think that it would probably work out – cat introductions can be tricky, but I can provide you with some great tips and resources on how to do that (we JUST covered this in my feline training course). Let’s talk!!! ❤

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