Meet Locket: It Won’t Take Long to Find Her Close to Your Heart!

Locket loves watching the world go by from the catio!

Locket loves watching the world go by from the catio!

It has been a great summer for adoptions at Furry Friends!  If you’ve been following my blog or Furry Friends on Facebook, you’ll know that both Bandit and Penny have been adopted and are doing great in their new forever homes.  Hooray!

Now I’d like to introduce you to Locket.  Locket is a beautiful gray and white petite girl who has worked hard to overcome the challenges that life has tossed her way in the short time she’s been alive.  Back in February 2012, Locket showed up in a crate left on a disabled woman’s doorstep.  Unfortunately, the woman was not able to care for Locket, who surrendered her to Furry Friends shortly after.  So Locket has been with Furry Friends for about two and a half years now.  Why hasn’t this beautiful girl been adopted yet?

Like I said, Locket has been working on overcoming the challenges she’s been given.  We can only guess at her circumstances prior to showing up  on a stranger’s doorstep.  We do know that she was about a year old when she came to Furry Friends (so she’s probably about 3 and a half now), and she was initially very distrustful of people.  She was very shy, very quick to defend herself.

Locket also has a playful side!

Locket also has a playful side!

However, I never knew this version of Locket.  I started volunteering for Furry Friends in April 2014.  She was not one of the first cats I got to know, remaining in the background, just observing me as I did my chores.  I’d see her walking around the house or lounging in the catio (she LOVES watching the world go by from the catio!) but it was a while before she specifically started coming to me to investigate who I was.  She would let me give her some brief pets on her head and around her ears, slowly getting to know me over the weeks.

One day, I was in the Furry Friends kitchen and Locket hopped up onto the counter where I was.  She walked over to where I was standing.  I gave her a couple of scritches on her head, and then she did the most amazing thing ever:  Locket sat right in front of me, then put her two front paws up on my shoulder so that she was standing up against me.  I started petting her down her back, and she actually lifted up her back foot and placed it on my arm, literally climbing up so that I would hold her.  She was purring and nuzzled my chin.  I’ve NEVER had a cat do this before.  And then it happened – I fell in love with Locket.

Locket is not like this with me every time I see her, but if she knows that I have some time to spend with her, she will hop into my lap and hang out for some petting (like in the above couple of pictures…I just sat in the lounger and she bounced right up, nestling herself into my chest).  She can be such an affectionate and loving cat!  She is spayed (of course) and is ready for a forever home.  I think she would be best off being an only-cat, but I have never seen her get into kerfuffles with other cats; she largely ignores them and does her own thing. The only thing Locket truly needs, I think, is a human that she can depend upon to always be there for her.  She was first abandoned, and is now cared for by plenty of people who come and go during the week, but some consistency in her life would make her one happy cat!

Like many cats, Locket might need some time to warm up to a new situation.  However, if you are willing to be a little patient and give Locket the space she needs to get to know you, I promise that you will be rewarded with a loving and affectionate kitty.  If you are interested in finding out more about Locket, you can ask me any question with a comment below, visit the Furry Friends website, and/or see Locket’s listing on  Or, share this post – you might have a friend who needs a furry companion like Locket.  She’s a lovely little soul and I can’t wait for her to find her forever home!

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9 thoughts on “Meet Locket: It Won’t Take Long to Find Her Close to Your Heart!

    • Thanks, Ava! She is a beauty, but I found out she’s cheating on me!!! With another volunteer, no less! She’s apparently giving love and affection to Miranda, AND even sharing her lap with another cat named Willow. I just can’t believe it. I’m crushed. Well, I suppose it was going to happen one of these days…just goes to show how much love she has to share with her purrrmanent human guardian when she finds one! 🐱 ❤ 😀

    • Thank you, Stephanie! I hope she finds a home soon, too. She really is a sweetie once she gets to know you. It’s time she gets a permanent family that she can count on! 🐱

    • Thanks so much, Sherry! I’m glad you had a great Blitz Day; I appreciate you swinging by and taking a look at my blog 😀 I’ll tell Locket you said hello! 🐱

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