Find a Penny, Pick Her Up…(You Know the Rest, Right?)

Penny has dazzling green eyes, and is looking for her forever home!

Penny has dazzling green eyes, and is looking for her forever home!

As you may know, I’ve been trying to promote adoptions for some fantastic cats that I know through Fuzzy Undertones.  I like to think of it as a kind of “cat adoption hit-list”, if you will.  Last month, I posted about my favorite tuxedoed polydactyl cat, Bandit, who is up for adoption at Furry Friends, a no-kill cat rescue organization here in Vancouver, WA.  I’m hoping that we’ve got something in the works for Bandit and one of his admirers, so keep your fingers crossed (Bandit is keeping several of his bonus-toes crossed as well).  I will keep you updated on any adoption activity with Bandit, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, this month I’d like to share with you a lovely cat by the name of Penny.  She’s about six years old (born June 2008) and lived as an indoor cat with an elderly woman for the past four years.  Unfortunately, her human companion had to go into a medical facility, and her neighbor took responsibility for Penny.  Also unfortunately, the apartment complex told the neighbor that he could not keep Penny, so she was brought to Furry Friends so that they could help her find a forever home.  And since I volunteer with Furry Friends, I thought I’d offer my assistance by sharing with you some wonderful things about Penny.

Interesting facts about Penny

  • Penny is an orange tabby!  There are four orange male tabbies for every female, so this makes Penny somewhat rare and special.
  • There are a lot of famous orange cats, and I’d like to make Penny Internet-famous too!  Some famous ginger cats are: Garfield, Morris the Cat, Jones from the movie “Alien”, and Orangey, who starred with Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast At Tiffany’s” in 1961.  Can you think of any others?
  • Penny loves to perch up on high shelves and observe the world from above, but she will come down when tempted with petting and scritches from her beloved human friends!
Penny really does love hugs and affection!

Penny really does love hugs and affection!

You can tell that Penny was mighty attached to her long-time human companion.  Penny is eager to receive petting and brushing, and will demand to sit in your lap for full-body pets (in fact, when I was sitting down on the floor today taking pictures of her she jumped into my lap and immediately started making muffins (aka “happy paws”) on my tummy.  I know I’m soft, but hey…).  She is quick to purr, and gets along well with the other kitties that she is currently rooming with.  She’s current on her shots, doesn’t have any special medical needs, and is ready to fit into a home with anyone who can give her lots of love and affection!  Take a look at that sweet sweet face – you can’t tell me that you wouldn’t benefit from having this lovely girl in your life!  If you are interested in finding out more about Penny, you can ask me any question with a comment below, visit the Furry Friends website, and/or see Penny’s listing on  Or, share this post – you might have a friend who needs a furry companion like Penny! ❤ ❤ ❤


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~~~~~~~~ Update!!! ~~~~~~~~

Penny has been adopted!  She went to her new Forever Home on September 6, and I’m sure that she is making a lovely companion for her new guardians.  If I receive any updates, I will post them here – I am so happy for Penny and her new guardians!  ❤

~~~~~~~~ Update 2!!! ~~~~~~~~

Rebecca, Penny’s new guardian, sent us a quick update.  Penny is doing great, and Rebecca reports that she is a super sweet, special kitty!  I am so happy that Penny is in a loving family with a guardian who recognizes the wonderful being that Penny is ❤

Penny, comfortable and cozy in her new home!

Penny, comfortable and cozy in her new home!

16 thoughts on “Find a Penny, Pick Her Up…(You Know the Rest, Right?)

  1. This is so awesome that you just happened to love Penny and write up this big story and great pictures of her. I also volunteer at Furry Friends and currently she is my favorite cat. I absolutely adore her. Thank you for writing about her. I hope she finds a forever home soon but at the same time I would miss her terribly….Tonya

    • Hi Tonya! I know what you mean about the kitties – it’s GREAT when you find out that they’ve been adopted, but then you’re sad because you will miss them or didn’t get to say goodbye. But I think the happiness of knowing they have new homes wins out! Furry Friends is the best – the dedication of the people who keep the organization going is amazing, and what they’ve managed to do is incredible. Are you going to the dinner/auction in September? If so, I’ll see you there – looking forward to meeting you, and let’s keep our fingers crossed for the lovely Penny! 🐱

  2. Hey, fellow cat persons! I’m on tap to adopt Bandit next Sunday. He will have an older brother, Taz, who is suitably unimpressed by the news! Marci will be able to keep in touch with Bandit, because we’re related. :-))

    PS. We had an orange female named Butterscotch. She gave us a litter of cuties who endlesslessly interested our Weimaraner, who kept his distance, but only because Butterscotch insisted.

    • I can’t wait for you to meet Bandit next week! I’m sure he’s looking forward to meeting his new brother and human companion…and I’m sure that he will fit right in at your home. I wish I could’ve met Butterscotch – she sounds like a strong mama!!! 🐱

    • Oh yes, Rebecca! Penny is still available for adoption and I’m sure she would love to meet you, too. You’ll need an appointment to meet her; you can call 360-993-1097 and leave a message, or email to set something up. I suggest filling out an adoption form online; you can find it at You can fill out and submit the adoption form online (yellow box) or fill out a printable form (orange box). If you can, please mention that you saw Penny on my blog (I volunteer for Furry Friends, and they would like to know). Good luck to you – please let me know if you have any questions about Penny or Furry Friends! 🙂

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