I Dreamed It, I Did It!

For all of you who can’t see my office in person, I have to tell you, my term-to-permanent office makeover turned out FABULOUS! Actually, the office makeover would have happened whether I got permanent status or not, but the timing just coincided. At any rate, I guess I’d been listening to the little Christopher Lowell in my head, who whispered “if you can dream it, you can do it!” over and over. I moved my furniture around to open up my small cube, and brought in a rug and lighting. I’d been using the overhead flourescent lights, but decided that they were making me crazy and I vowed to do something so I wouldn’t have to turn them on ever again – they kept making this constant humming noise, and I had this light-poking stick that I kept shoving at the light to stop the buzz when it got too loud. ANYWAY, take a look at the before and after results and let me know what you think – these images are taken of the same views (match up the posters on the walls for reference):

BEFORE: creepy lighting, crowded feeling (also, these pictures were taken during Halloween when I’d decorated the room with fake spider webs).

AFTER: homey feeling, more conducive to sleep than work (everyone is jealous and is asking me to make over their offices, too).

Now *THAT’S* what I call a Couch!

I recently decided that I need a couch. In Pennsylvania I had a small fold-out couch from Pier 31, which Jesse destroyed in Colorado with his powerful stank-pee (good riddance though – it was really an uncomfortable sofa!). Then, while I lived with Steve, we had this awful plaid couch that smelled like dog butt and was getting torn apart by various animals. When I moved to California, the only thing I had to sit my ass on was an old green armchair that was going to be thrown out by the Fort Collins Mariott. I was so sick of sitting on this uncomfortable old chair that I said “screw it! I don’t care if Teddy is going to stink up a new couch, or Zoe will shred a new couch, or Jesse will pee on a new couch! I want something to stretch out on and lounge around on during my time off in front of the television watching reality tv shows!”.

So, I took a trip to the local Jerome’s Furniture store and ordered a REAL couch. A few hundred dollars worth. Plus a 5-year fabric warranty, which does cover pet pee and doggy drool. I swear it did not look this big in the store, but here it is, in all of its cushioned and pillowed fancy fancy glory! It’s huge! It’s a behemoth! A monster! It takes up my whole living room, but that’s ok, because I’m not going to be in this little apartment forever. It has been almost a week and it has not been smelled up by dog butt, Jesse pee, or marred by Zoe claws. So I’m pretty good so far…knock on wood…