I Dreamed It, I Did It!

For all of you who can’t see my office in person, I have to tell you, my term-to-permanent office makeover turned out FABULOUS! Actually, the office makeover would have happened whether I got permanent status or not, but the timing just coincided. At any rate, I guess I’d been listening to the little Christopher Lowell in my head, who whispered “if you can dream it, you can do it!” over and over. I moved my furniture around to open up my small cube, and brought in a rug and lighting. I’d been using the overhead flourescent lights, but decided that they were making me crazy and I vowed to do something so I wouldn’t have to turn them on ever again – they kept making this constant humming noise, and I had this light-poking stick that I kept shoving at the light to stop the buzz when it got too loud. ANYWAY, take a look at the before and after results and let me know what you think – these images are taken of the same views (match up the posters on the walls for reference):

BEFORE: creepy lighting, crowded feeling (also, these pictures were taken during Halloween when I’d decorated the room with fake spider webs).

AFTER: homey feeling, more conducive to sleep than work (everyone is jealous and is asking me to make over their offices, too).

2 thoughts on “I Dreamed It, I Did It!

  1. OMIGOSH!Marci, you are not very ordinary. Lovely taste, and hope you get your interior design credentials without all the struggle it took to be come semi-permanent in the fish world.Nik

  2. Your office is beautiful!! thanks for the butterfly info…they are everywhere in my garden now. I’ve planted more penstemons (from New Mexico) to provide better nibbling for them, hummers, et al.Fay

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