If you missed the AcroCats, YOU MISSED OUT!!!

AcroCats and Rock Cats!I just don’t know how to describe the amazing talents of the AcroCats.  It…it was as if a big jar of awesome spilled all over a sparkly purple stage filled with incredible cats.  It was…it was perfectly imperfect, because after all, we were watching cats performing, and they are CATS.  It was incredibly surprising because…because the show did not devolve into a chaotic pandemonium of cats fleeing into the audience and causing a massive storm of attacks on ankles and allergic outbreaks…no no no!  These cats, THESE cats, were simply mindblowing.

And not just cats, but a chicken (named Cluck Norris), groundhog and three rats all BROUGHT IT!  All the animals were clicker-trained using positive reinforcement, which led me to two conclusions: 1) HOLY SHIT YOU CAN TRAIN CATS, and 2) WHY DO MY CATS SUCK SO MUCH???  Seriously.  They don’t do anything except know when to come running when I open up a can of anything.  The AcroCats performed all sorts of tricks, leaping through hoops, jumping obstacles, BOWLING, running around in a non-random order, and jeeze – they even ran INTO their individual crates when a whistle sounded.  My cats, on the other hand, sleep, eat, dirty their litter boxes at an alarming rate, and require a front-end loader to get them into their travel crates.  The AcroCats and Rock Cats:  play actual musical instruments, recognize visual commands, and don’t necessarily seek to cause panic and alarm (except for Tuna, who possibly has plans for world domination, but I’m not sure).  My cats:  play with the horizontal blinds in our bedroom at 2 in the morning, decide that demons are chasing them in the wee hours of the night, and are plotting a biological attack on the world starting with me by weakening my immune system to the point of giving me crippling allergies to these sneaky, plotting kitties.  I’M ON TO YOU, THOUGH!!!  I will not succumb to your evil plotting!

Anyway…how about some pictures of the show?  It was magical, and I hope that you get the opportunity to see them some day.  Go to www.CircusCats.com to learn more, and see if the AcroCats and Rock Cats are coming to a theater near you!!!  Grab yo’ cat ears and yo’ cat leggings and yo’ cat shirts and see these amazing kitties…it’s totally worth it!!!

This just happened.  Gritty Cat meets the Rock Cats!

This just happened. Gritty Cat meets the Rock Cats!

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8 thoughts on “If you missed the AcroCats, YOU MISSED OUT!!!

    • Yay!!! Glad you liked the post – the show was amazing!!! I wish I had gotten some video of it, or at least brought a camera better than my iPhone, but I’m so glad I went. Keep Portland Weird, right??? 🐱

  1. BWA HAA HAA!! I freaking LOVED your two conclusions! ROTFLMAO.

    Can I tell you, I thought that Acrocats were like Laser Cats from SNL. Obviously they’re better, simply because the white one is all like More Cow Bell Baby!!
    Loved this!! 😀

    • Ha ha haaaaa!!! Yeah, it’s amazing that the Acrocats are actually real, unlike Laser Cats (which, sadly, are not). I was completely amazed that the show was so well put-together, with minimal cat chaos! The white one with the cowbell is named Tuna. I bought a t-shirt that has a picture of Tuna on it and it says, “Tuna wants more cowbell”. It is the best ever! 🐱

  2. Wow – I’m still struggling to teach my cats that the sofa is not a suitable place for them to sharpen their claws! Glad to hear your cats suck as much as mine do (by the sound of things)
    That show looks awesome though, I have major acrocat envy. The cat on the guitar in particular cracked me up!

    • Hi Celine! Yeah, I am SOOOO glad I went to see the AcroCats. There is some major talent there – and while the guitar kitty was rad, don’t underestimate the awesomeness of a tambourine and cymbal-playing chicken!!! Thanks so much for swinging by my blog 😀

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