Why do YOU blog? Please tell me!

Why Blog?

I’ve been doing a bit of thought about a post I’d like to write soon, and I’d very much like your insight.  Why do we blog?  There are many reasons why I have a blog, but I’m trying to figure out just why so many of us put ourselves out there for the world to see.  So I’m interested in what you, fellow bloggers, are getting out of the whole blogging experience!  Please take part in my easy-peasy poll and/or leave a comment to tell me:  why do you blog, and what is your ultimate goal? Participants will be kindly thanked by me mentally sending you a box full of the cutest hypo-allergenic kittens in the world (assorted colors and sizes)!

In the beginning…there was A Very Marcilicious Blog…


Here I am, trying to be contemplative about this blog post on my lunch break.

It’s Day 3 of Zero to Hero.  And before you start thinking “SLACKER!  It’s only the third day and she missed Day 2!”, you can just stop right there because I did Day 2, it just wasn’t a regular blog post.  The assignment for Day 2 was to edit my blog title, tagline, and add a widget that gives a short explanation about my blog, which I did, and you should pay more attention next time.  That’s one of the things about this Zero to Hero thing; it’s not just about writing a post every day, there are other blog-related assignments in addition to writing.  However, today is not one of those days.  Today, I write (on my lunch break, of course).

Today’s assignment is to write about what was on my mind when I first decided to blog.  A bit of history first, though; Fuzzy Undertones is the reincarnation of A Very Marcilicious Blog, which I started way back in July 2005.  At the time, I was recently out of graduate school and mostly living on my mom’s couch trying to piece bits of my brain back together.  I had a part-time job at the San Diego Wild Animal Park as a tour guide for their overnight camping program (best job ever, by the way, maybe I’ll blog about it some day).  Since I have a record that captures why I was thinking about starting a blog at the time, here’s a little quote for you from my very first blog post, dated July 8, 2005:

I’ve decided to start this blog because it might encourage me to do something so that I have something to post on my blog. Who knows if this cutting-edge experimental technique will work, and I can’t promise that I’ll update this blog very often, so you’ll just have to hold your breath and keep your pants on.

And what a grand idea, in a circular-logic kind of way!  My reason for reviving this blog is pretty much the same – I want to draw more meaning from the events in my life, my thoughts, my actions, and the world that surrounds us.  I’m a natural-born observer, but I find myself all-too-often glossing over daily life.  In fact, when I was a kid (like, under ten years old), I distinctly recall thinking “why do the grown-ups walk around looking like they’re asleep?  Where are the smiles and the emotions?  I don’t ever want to be like that”.  But unfortunately, I’ve caught myself falling asleep as an adult.  Writing might just help me stay awake.  And if you have any other pro-tips for staying awake in life, I’d love to hear about them!

But back to Day 3.  I’m supposed to write the post I wanted to write when I envisioned myself with a blog (or reviving my old blog).  I’m not sure I’m doing that now, although this post contains elements of that post – I’m trying to be honest, incorporate memories, and reflect.  Maybe it is even humorous (well, at least I think I’m funny, sometimes).  There will be other opportunities for me to write about specific things, but for today, a couple of somewhat cohesive thoughts will have to do.

And just so you know, Day 4 is a blogging community exercise.  But I just might write a post anyway, especially for you!