In the beginning…there was A Very Marcilicious Blog…


Here I am, trying to be contemplative about this blog post on my lunch break.

It’s Day 3 of Zero to Hero.  And before you start thinking “SLACKER!  It’s only the third day and she missed Day 2!”, you can just stop right there because I did Day 2, it just wasn’t a regular blog post.  The assignment for Day 2 was to edit my blog title, tagline, and add a widget that gives a short explanation about my blog, which I did, and you should pay more attention next time.  That’s one of the things about this Zero to Hero thing; it’s not just about writing a post every day, there are other blog-related assignments in addition to writing.  However, today is not one of those days.  Today, I write (on my lunch break, of course).

Today’s assignment is to write about what was on my mind when I first decided to blog.  A bit of history first, though; Fuzzy Undertones is the reincarnation of A Very Marcilicious Blog, which I started way back in July 2005.  At the time, I was recently out of graduate school and mostly living on my mom’s couch trying to piece bits of my brain back together.  I had a part-time job at the San Diego Wild Animal Park as a tour guide for their overnight camping program (best job ever, by the way, maybe I’ll blog about it some day).  Since I have a record that captures why I was thinking about starting a blog at the time, here’s a little quote for you from my very first blog post, dated July 8, 2005:

I’ve decided to start this blog because it might encourage me to do something so that I have something to post on my blog. Who knows if this cutting-edge experimental technique will work, and I can’t promise that I’ll update this blog very often, so you’ll just have to hold your breath and keep your pants on.

And what a grand idea, in a circular-logic kind of way!  My reason for reviving this blog is pretty much the same – I want to draw more meaning from the events in my life, my thoughts, my actions, and the world that surrounds us.  I’m a natural-born observer, but I find myself all-too-often glossing over daily life.  In fact, when I was a kid (like, under ten years old), I distinctly recall thinking “why do the grown-ups walk around looking like they’re asleep?  Where are the smiles and the emotions?  I don’t ever want to be like that”.  But unfortunately, I’ve caught myself falling asleep as an adult.  Writing might just help me stay awake.  And if you have any other pro-tips for staying awake in life, I’d love to hear about them!

But back to Day 3.  I’m supposed to write the post I wanted to write when I envisioned myself with a blog (or reviving my old blog).  I’m not sure I’m doing that now, although this post contains elements of that post – I’m trying to be honest, incorporate memories, and reflect.  Maybe it is even humorous (well, at least I think I’m funny, sometimes).  There will be other opportunities for me to write about specific things, but for today, a couple of somewhat cohesive thoughts will have to do.

And just so you know, Day 4 is a blogging community exercise.  But I just might write a post anyway, especially for you!


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