Can You Believe Teddy Will Be 16 Tomorrow?

Who would have thought – sixteen years old! When I took this dog in, I thought he’d maybe have a couple of years left in him, but he keeps on ticking. He’s doing pretty well – still whiny, loves to eat. I put him on a diet and he lost about five pounds, which I estimate will add at least another year to his life. On second thought, maybe I’d better fatten him back up…oh, I’m sorry, was that mean? Teddy knows I love him, even though sometimes he’s a pain in the ass. Such a geriatric pup…but cute (this picture was taken last year, but it’s the most recent I have, and he looks pretty much the same, except for the full-body mohawk I’ve given him).

Also, a couple weekends ago, Mom, Nik and I went to the Escondido Renaissance Faire. Nik and I dressed up – go ahead and take a look at the pictures (there’s a slide show link at right). Yes, I know I’m a dork.

Holy Guacamole!

Did you know that the Avocado Capital of the World is just a few short minutes away, in Fallbrook? Neither did I! But since I love avocados, and Fallbrook happened to be hosting its annual Avocado Festival last weekend, I decided that Mom, Mark and I should go. And I also decided that Mom should drive because her car, more than mine or Mark’s, most resembles an avocado.

Wow – what a scene! It was an avocado mob scene, to be sure. Although it was mostly like a really really really crowded street fair (actually, that’s precisely what it was) – they were anticipating 75,000+ people – there were a few avocado-related booths. They had avocado fudge (!), fresh quacamole (yum!), avocado pottery and crafts, and fried avocado. But mostly it was just your usual street fair fare – snow cones, tee-shirt booths, sausages on sticks. And it was soooooo crowded – parking was slim to none (luckily we didn’t get a ticket or towed for parking on someone’s front lawn), and by the time we made less than one circuit through the street doing the slow-paced street-fair shuffle we were ready to go. But at least I can say that I’ve visited the Avocado Capital of the World! Woo hoo!!!

Scottsmen in kilts: cold shower, please!

A couple of weeks ago my mom and I went to the Scottish Highland Games in Vista, California. Did you know that, for the most part, all Scottish athletics involve tossing some sort of heavy, very cumbersome object? Usually in a kilt? And, much to my surprise, the kilts were quite becoming to most who wore them (mmm mmm good…).

A glimpse at Scottish Sports:

So for those of you who don’t know, here are the main sporting events: The caber toss (with the big pole), and two other tosses that involve a big weight attached to a chain. In one, the weight is flung horizontally as far as possible, and in the other, the weight is flung directly above, over a pole, and then the flinger runs like hell in order to not get whacked by it on the way down.

Look at all those delicious be-kilted men-folk!
What’s under there, anyway?

In addition to these fine events, we found that the Lewis family (my Granny on my Mom’s side) is part of the MacCleod clan, watched some bagpipers and sheepdog trials, and enjoyed some pseudo-scottish festival food. Yummy! I had a pretty good time – it was a nice day out, and the people-watching was top notch. I know you’re jealous, you bloody blighters!