Scottsmen in kilts: cold shower, please!

A couple of weeks ago my mom and I went to the Scottish Highland Games in Vista, California. Did you know that, for the most part, all Scottish athletics involve tossing some sort of heavy, very cumbersome object? Usually in a kilt? And, much to my surprise, the kilts were quite becoming to most who wore them (mmm mmm good…).

A glimpse at Scottish Sports:

So for those of you who don’t know, here are the main sporting events: The caber toss (with the big pole), and two other tosses that involve a big weight attached to a chain. In one, the weight is flung horizontally as far as possible, and in the other, the weight is flung directly above, over a pole, and then the flinger runs like hell in order to not get whacked by it on the way down.

Look at all those delicious be-kilted men-folk!
What’s under there, anyway?

In addition to these fine events, we found that the Lewis family (my Granny on my Mom’s side) is part of the MacCleod clan, watched some bagpipers and sheepdog trials, and enjoyed some pseudo-scottish festival food. Yummy! I had a pretty good time – it was a nice day out, and the people-watching was top notch. I know you’re jealous, you bloody blighters!

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