Ladies I Love: H is for Hanna Hart of “My Drunk Kitchen” (Uurrp!)

Hanna HartDo you like eating?  Do you like drinking?  And most importantly, do you like puns?  If you like all of these things, you’ll definitely want to get to know today’s H-related A to Z Challenge Lady I Love, Hanna Hart.  I discovered Hanna’s YouTube channel through an article in BUST magazine, right when her “My Drunk Kitchen” sketches hit the scene.  She’s done a TON of episodes at this point, but I contend that some of her best work is featured in her earlier pieces.  She’s got quite a collection of recipes recorded by now, so if you’re interested in learning how to cook mac’n cheese or tacos or toad in a hole or smores while drunk, be sure to invest a few moments to get some pro-tips from Hanna.

Actually, Hanna Hart (nicknamed Harto) is quite an accomplished comedian, and is very smart (she graduated from Berkeley with two degrees – English literature and Japanese).  Her short films are peppered with puns and quick word association jokes, and she’s an amazing comedic writer.  Take a look at this wiki page to learn more about her life, travels and other projects!

And after all that, I know you’re all hungry for a little taste of Harto, so here’s one of my favorite episodes (“Not Easy, Bake Oven”) where Hanna attempts to bake cookies.  A word of warning – the language she uses is quite salty, so if you’re not a fan of expletives (yay, swear words!  All the cussing!), you might want to watch this on mute.  But that probably wouldn’t be quite as funny.  Just saying.  Enjoy anyway!

16 thoughts on “Ladies I Love: H is for Hanna Hart of “My Drunk Kitchen” (Uurrp!)

  1. Can’t wait to watch this when I get home (no longer sitting next to 91 year old grandmother…she might not mind, but I can’t hear over the tv)

    • Ha ha ha – I can totally see that – I know ALL about the seniors watching TV loudly! Anyway, enjoy it later – it will still be here! Thanks so much for stopping by 😀

    • Indeed it is!!! Like I said in the article, I like her earlier videos, but they are very funny. She has a lot of other material besides MDK, too; check out her youtube pages. 😀

    • Yes, Hanna Hart is pretty funny and clever. I can only take her “My Drunk Kitchen” in small doses, but she has other stuff on her youtube channel as well. Thanks again for stopping by! 😉

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