Ladies I Love: G is for Grumpy Cat! Meow!

Today we have another non-human A to Z Challenge Ladies I Love-themed post for the letter G.  Let us return to the year 2012.  April 4, 2012, to be exact.  Events that occurred on this day in the little town of Morristown, Arizona, resulted in the world being forever changed: a little bit furrier, a little bit cuter, and a whole lot grumpier.  On April 4, 2012, Tardar Sauce (a.k.a. Grumpy Cat) and her brother, Pokey, were born.

Tardar and Pokey

Original Grumpy Cat photo that swept the world up in a fit of crabbiness!

The original grumpy cat photo that unleashed unprecedented crabbiness into the world!

According to Grumpy Cat’s head minion (and yes, Grumpy Cat *is* a female), Tabatha Bundesen, Tardar’s features are permanently grumpified as a result of feline dwarfism, which has also left her back legs somewhat out of proportion to the rest of her body.  But her vet has given her a clean bill of health, and Tardar has the green light to spread curmudgeonly crankiness to her heart’s content.  But truth be told, as grumpy as Tardar Sauce looks, she’s actually the more friendly of the two, with Pokey being the grouchier of the siblings.

The Grumpy Cat phenomenon all started when Tabatha’s brother uploaded an excessively grumpy photo of Tardar Sauce to Reddit (back in September of 2012), and the world has reveled in the glow of a cat that is both adorably cute and excessively grumpy ever since.  Some of Grumpy Cat’s favorite phrases, built into popular memes that have circled the Interwebs thousands of times over, include “…it was awful”, “…I hate it”, and the classic “NO.”  Grumpy has an official website (The Daily Grump, where you can purchase Grumpy Cat Odor Eliminator and Grumppuccino), a Grumpy Book, and more awards than you can shake a stick at, including the Lifetime Achievement Award that she received at the 2013 Friskies.  And she deserves it – with a face like hers, she’s impossible to ignore, especially when she’s throwing insults around like nobody’s business!  Here are some of my favorites:

And speaking of Friskies, Tardar Sauce has done several commercials with Friskies in the “Will Kitty Play With It?” series!  They are grumpy and adorable!  But, in honor of Tardar’s second birthday (she’s entering the Terrible Two’s, everyone!!!), here’s a special Friskies birthday video (no, I’m not a sales rep for Friskies…they just do great Grumpy Cat videos!).  Long live Grumpy Cat!!!

29 thoughts on “Ladies I Love: G is for Grumpy Cat! Meow!

    • Ha! Glad you got a laugh from this post – I LOOOOOVE Grumpy Cat! I like to keep you guys guessing about who my Ladies I Love are going to be 😉

  1. LOL, Ohhh how fun. I have an indoor cat, Alice, and an outdoor cat, Constance. Well, Alice got spayed and now she is indoor outdoor and I love to watch the two of them together. Alice actually believes she was born from my womb and returns to my belly to sleep each night. When I am gone too long she gets grumpy and sits on the porch with Constance. Her cute little face gets more sour by the moment.

    I love this feline chapter in the ladies series. Awesome!

    Julie Jordan Scott
    The Bold Writer from A to Z

    • Thank you, Julie! Cats are such funny yet proud creatures…I have five of them myself and the politics that go on among them are intricate and hilarious. Cat ladies unite! 😀

  2. That cat is so adorable, I can’t get over it. And her popularity encourages people to adopt the “non-perfect” kitties from shelters, which is never a bad thing.

    • I know! She is super adorable…meeting Tardar Sauce is on my bucket list. She is soooo cute I just can’t stand it. And you’re right – I think people are seeing that “different” animals have great value and need love too, and are capable of giving great joy in return. Too sweet! 🙂

    • Grumpy Cat is the best! And what really cracks me up is that she’s this world-famous celebricat and she probably has no idea…I’m glad that her owners try to just treat her like a normal cat, even when she’s making appearances. She is super cute and I hope I get to meet her some day! ❤

  3. I just keep learning more and more from your A to Z- why did I assume Grumpy cat was male?… But I am so proud of this famous lady cat! 🙂

    • Ha! I think a lot of people are surprised that Grumpy Cat is female, but ladies can be just as curmudgeonly as men I suppose! Glad you dropped by 😉

  4. I love Grumpy Cat! I saw her on some TV appearance before, she looked so cute. I didn’t know she had a brother though. By the way, I love your blog header 😉

    • Grumpy Cat is the best! And Pokey is also pretty cute…although I hear he’s actually the grumpier of the pair. Weird, huh? And thanks for the header compliment – I have 10 headers that randomly cycle; I chose them because they all have something to do with being “fuzzy”. Glad you like them! 😀

        • Actually, it’s a setting in the wordpress theme that I’m using (Adelle). I upgraded to be able to customize the theme, so I’m not sure if all themes have the option. But if you go into the customize menu in your dashboard, the customize toolbar slides out on the right side of your screen, yes? Then, go to the “Header” section – you should be able to upload various headers there. Once you’ve uploaded I think at least 2, there’s a little box that says “randomize uploaded headers” or something like that. That’s the trick! Totally easy 😀

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