Why do YOU blog? Please tell me!

Why Blog?

I’ve been doing a bit of thought about a post I’d like to write soon, and I’d very much like your insight.  Why do we blog?  There are many reasons why I have a blog, but I’m trying to figure out just why so many of us put ourselves out there for the world to see.  So I’m interested in what you, fellow bloggers, are getting out of the whole blogging experience!  Please take part in my easy-peasy poll and/or leave a comment to tell me:  why do you blog, and what is your ultimate goal? Participants will be kindly thanked by me mentally sending you a box full of the cutest hypo-allergenic kittens in the world (assorted colors and sizes)!

5 thoughts on “Why do YOU blog? Please tell me!

  1. I blog because I’m the kat and these flippin moron humans drive me nuts and I don’t make enough fancy feast to pay a psychologist, so I have to blog to cope.

    Shrimp (and my name gives me a complex)!

    *(tail flap)!*

    • Hi Shrimp! Thanks so much for your response – I definitely forgot to add “venting” to my list of reasons why folks blog. I must say, your typing skills are truly admirable – when my cats use the keyboard, everything they write turns out looking like this: dfspoipoipoipoipoipoipoipoipoipoipoipoidfsajmlkjlkerw erwjlkgadsoisdfpoipoipoi. Sadly, I don’t know what it means. Anyway, I truly understand your need to blog; putting up with Creature must surely come with a need for emotional release! Head scritches, marci ❤

  2. Blogging is my way of expressing myself. It’s a medium for me to let out my emotions when my brain gets a little messy (’cause I think a lot), and writing is the only way I know how 🙂

    • I totally hear you on that one, Suzanne! Blogging helps me to sort out my thoughts, too. I’m learning a lot from the comments on this poll – thank you for your response! 😀

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