Gallery post format: no photo glue or decorative scissors required!

The other day, as part of the Zero to Hero program, I published a post in a “new to me” format.  The new format was a gallery post, which arranges a bunch of pictures that you specify in a grid that is attractively laid out to highlight your photos.  Today’s post is a follow-up to that post, which (if you remember) was called Kitty Derps, starring my cats in their most candid moments.  Awwww!  So cute!  I really liked the gallery format, so much so that I used it on my new page, My Fuzzy Family, to feature my pets that are gone but not forgotten (in addition to the presently living ones, of course).

The reason that I chose to explore the gallery format is because I’ve always been drawn to layouts and organization in print media.  I used to be a cartoonist, and after that, I had my own ‘zine (the Goyal Talk Times).  I LOVED arranging panels and pages to make eye-pleasing visual arrangements featuring both text and illustrations.  More recently (oh, the last fifteen years or so), I ventured into scrapbooking, and then went all-digital the past several years.  I use Photoshop Elements to design my pages, then get a hard-bound book of my pages for each year printed through Shutterfly.  Everything is organized and arranged just so!  I go through phases of digital scrapbooking mania (it takes a lot of creative energy), but I’m always happy with the product.  Want to see a few of my favorite pages?  Well shucks…here you go, then!

03-30-06 Tattoo

05-25-06 Lizard Surveys Page 2

03-19-2011 Wedding - Page 2

02-05-2012 OR Cat Show - Page 2

12-22-2012 Loaded Brush

So there – you’ve learned another little nugget about my anal-retentive personality – graphics have to be done just so, and when things aren’t arranged perfectly, it really bugs me.  That’s why the gallery format post is so wonderful – you don’t have to line anything up yourself!  Just pick out your photos and they are all sized, spaced and placed just how you want them.  Just like magic!

And you don’t even have to lug around a big craft tote full of paper, templates, scissors, glue, stickers, glitter and all the other madness that scrapbooking entails (unless you’ve gone digital, of course)!

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