Act 1: The Anticipation

Wow! A new post! Finally…I’ll bet your Anticipation levels were running pretty high now, weren’t they? So, things have finally gotten a little less crazy around here, and that’s no April fool’s day joke. I got a bunch of things done at work (but that never really ends, and there’s always more to do), and oh yeah, Chris and I pulled off that whole wedding thing, too. So that leaves me with a little time for a breather. Because the wedding was the main focus of my life for the last couple of months, that’s really all I’d been doing. I’d really like to blog about it, but it seems like a completely overwhelming task if I were to try to tackle it all at once. So, I’ve broken it down into four Acts:

Act 1: The Anticipation (what you are reading now)
Act 2: The Main Course
Act 3: The Aftermath
Act 4: The Afterglow

I realize that this is rather ambitious. But we’re going to start small. See, I don’t have a whole lot of pictures to describe the anticipation, aside from some truly embarrassing photos that my mom took while I was getting my hair done the day before the wedding. And now I share them for the world to see:

Oh yes, Mom, please take more pictures. They are soooo flattering!

Why, of course I’d like you to take a picture of my hair half done! Fantastic!

Oh, and in case you were wondering, we had the most awesome invitations ever. I mean, you can’t look at these invitations and not pee yourself with Anticipation for what the wedding will be like, right??? Am I right???

Will it be a three-ring circus? An old-timey boat ride? Something between? Who knows?!?

So, that’s it for now. You’ll have to wait for Act 2 and beyond. In fact, you’ll have to wait until Act 4 (The Afterglow) has happened. Chris and I leave for our honeymoon cruise tonight and will be gone for a while. So, sit back, relax, and bask in The Anticipation of blog posts to come!

One thought on “Act 1: The Anticipation

  1. Marci, have you been back to your hair person? What did you tell her about the slickness that prevented your preferred updo? So sorry we couldn't make it work. You looked beautiful anyway!


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