I’m still here!

Between planning a non-wedding wedding and wedding planning, I’ve had little time to do many things that I regularly used to incorporate into my life. For example, I used to spend a lot of time NOT planning a wedding. This is no longer the case. It seems that, lately, I’ve been consumed with detail-oriented tasks concerning Who, When, Where, and How (the why is covered, of course). And while I’ve tried my hardest to make this a somewhat unconventional, non-traditional fun-type wedding, those pesky little wedding-ish details keep sneaking in there. Things like, “decide what to wear” and “design the ceremony” and “are these heels going to make me fall over within five minutes of putting them on”. And I’m kind of freaking out a little because every piece of wedding planning guidance I’ve read says that these questions should’ve been answered at least 18 months ago! Hell, I didn’t even know Chris 18 months ago!

Well, if I don’t completely lose my shit, these questions (and hopefully more) should be at least partially answered within the next month and a half. Wish us luck!

And PS – does anyone want to start a betting pool on how many times I’ll fall over as a result of wearing excessively high heels during the wedding festivities? Just for funsies?

2 thoughts on “I’m still here!

  1. Six inches??!! You're much braver than I will ever be….

    There's always some element of planning for any party. It just depends on how much you want to do. Don't freak out, Marci…. And DON'T read any guides! Just pick what's comfortable, enjoyable, and meaningful. 🙂

  2. Six inches is not too tall, IF they are platform heels. I planned a wedding in 3 months, so it can be done. Yeah, I laughed about the 18 mo. in advance advice too. Puhleeze! Enjoy it and don't sweat the details!

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