Name that Mystery Ingredient!

You might recall that in my previous post I mentioned we ate Sunday brunch at Joe’s Cellar Diner. Which is suspicious right away, since the diner is not in a cellar. It’s on the first floor of a corner building, well above-ground. So I’m not sure what the cellar refers to.

Unless, of course, it pertains to the storage of the main ingredient they use in their gravy. I ordered a side of it to go with my biscuit. It was very jiggly (like Jell-O), but instead of tasting fruity, it was savory. Remember that scene in “Better Off Dead” where John Cusack is sitting at the dinner table and his mom scoops up a blob of green goo and plops it onto his plate, then upon poking it with a fork, it slides off the plate all on its own as if it was off to destroy all in its path? It was kinda like that. Only less green and more peppery.

Look, it held up a spoon all on its own. My guess is that the mystery ingredient is plaster-of-paris. So now it’s interactive-blogging-time: what’s your guess? Submit your best speculation in a comment!

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