It’s a good thing Teddy Bear is so cute…

…or else he’d probably be living in Tijuana as a dog scrounging around for scraps of crack or whatever he could find. Yes, TB is very cute. These pictures were taken by a friend of my mom’s during a recent visit to the dog park. Aside from being cute, TB can be pretty annoying – but I’ve been told that it’s probably because of his breed and not simply a personality defect that makes him incredibly needy, whiney, insistent, and demanding, not to mention having bad breath.

I’m just joking around (kind of!). I love the little guy, personality defects and all. He’s loyal, a great watch dog, and does a great job of cleaning up any little bits of food that might fall on the floor, saving me the trouble from having to do it myself.

One thought on “It’s a good thing Teddy Bear is so cute…

  1. Gosh, that *is* some cute dog!I hope the new digs are working out for you. Is there time in your life (I know there is in mine) for an I-Hop(e)?Oh,Meg and Annie are dismayed that their owner’s blog doesn’t have anything about them on it.

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