Labor Day (Under the Tucson Sun)

Wow – you’re probably thinking to yourself, incredible! Two new blogs from Marci??? Amazing! Well, don’t get too used to it. Like I said earlier, I’m busy! Now bug off and continue reading about my fabulous weekend trip to Tucson.

I planned a four-day weekend so that Mark (the new boy in my life, in case you were wondering) and I could drive back to Tucson – I wanted to see his house, meet his mom, and experience the insanity of Tucson drivers for myself. It’s only a 6.5 hour trip if you average about 85 mph – it was a long trip going out Thursday after work, but nice that I could spend Friday just relaxing instead of driving. Most of Friday and Saturday Mark and I just hung out at his house – a very nice house indeed – watching movies and not doing too much. On Sunday, his mom drove out from Pierce and we went to the Sonora Desert Museum, which is kind of like a little Wild Animal Park full of all sorts of desert animals. Did you know that Javalinas are little pigs that run around the desert and snort and rub each others’ butts to mark their territories? And actually, they’re not pigs at all, but collared peccaries. The museum was really amazing – I had fun tracking down all these stamp stations that you got to stamp in a little book about animal tracks. Woo hoo! After that we drove back into town for dinner at P.F. Chang’s (I’d never been there before), and then a private viewing of Ronin back at Mark’s house. Today we drove back to San Diego, and well, there you have it. It was a good weekend!

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