So my tv blew up today…

Sad but true, I came home this evening to partake in my usual Sunday night VH1 Celebreality extravaganza (a triple treat consisting of “The Surreal Life”, “My Fair Brady”, and “Breaking Bonaduce”) and discovered that my entertainment center (a.k.a. my entire world) was on its way towards self destruction. I pushed the power button on my tv and nothing happened. That’s odd, I pondered, my tv has always been such a reliable friend. Goodness – my vcr, dvd player, and stereo also all appear to not work. I figured I must have blown a fuse so I called Mom over to show me where the fuse box was.

While I waited for Mom to arrive, I strolled out into the living room, only to see that an evil poltergeist was turning on some of the lights in the house, making them brighter than usual, then turning them off after a few seconds. Odd indeed! By that time, Mom was at the door.

Pop pop bang bang!!! We went into my bedroom and found my stereo and vcr smoking. I quickly unplugged the whole power strip and momentarily mourned the loss of my stereo. Well, it was cheap anyway, so no terrible loss there. And my vcr had been eating my tapes, so as far as I was concerned, it deserved an inferno-like demise. But what about my tv? My dvd player? They did nothing wrong – they were innocent victims of some evil eletronic surge that sought to rip all that I love in my life right out from under me…oh, the humanity!!!

The SDG&E repair guy that hustled out disabled the circuit, so I sit here blogging to the light of two candles. I have electricity in the living room, dining room, and most of the kitchen, but I’m under black-out conditions everywhere else. I get to call some electricians out tomorrow to fix the problem – pray, please pray, for the safety and well-being of my tv and dvd player. I’m certain the stereo and vcr are toast, but if the others are fatally injured, I…just…don’t…know…what…I’ll…do…………

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