Dodging Hurricanes in Miami

Last week I went down to Miami to see Bob over Labor Day. It was hot, muggy, and hurricane season (as we all know)! Sunday night, after my flight got in, we went to Bongo’s (Gloria Estefan’s restaurant/dance club) where I had Cuban food for the first time. It was good, although not as spicy or saucy as I thought it would be. On Monday, we spent the afternoon at the Fairchild Botanical Garden – it was beautiful (see picture below), but the mosquitoes had a field day feasting on me – I think I had about 40 bites on me by the time I left! Bob had to work the rest of the week, so I spent the days on his boat with Brie (his kitty). We went to Coconut Grove every night where we shopped and saw a couple of movies. The Wedding Crashers was very funny, but Skeleton Key was somewhat disappointing (oh well, I didn’t really have high expectations of the movie anyway). And of course, the food was outstanding – we ate at the Cheesecake Factory, and the Green Street Cafe, which served up an awesome salad and goat cheese pizza. Yummy! I had a very relaxing trip, but I did pick up a nice little head cold from some sick person on one of my flights. Sniff sniff!

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