Mom’s in the doghouse because…

She’s got a new dog! Yesterday, Mom went to Petco to buy her cat some stuff and came home with a new dog (which indeed is not the “cat stuff” she originally intended to buy). His name used to be Poncho, but Mom is renaming him Bailey. He’s two years old, some sort of border collie mix (I think maybe with Australian sheep dog or something), and seems to be fairly well trained and obedient. A bit goofy, too.

Of course, Leo (Mom’s cat) can’t stand him, and Michael (Mom’s parrot) has already crafted a handful of plans resulting in Bailey’s demise (which mostly involve a lot of pecking and biting). I introduced Teddy Bear to Bailey in neutral territory – the grass island on Fairway Park – and things seemed to go pretty well – Teddy growled, they sniffed each others’ butts, and then ignored each other. However, when Mom brought Bailey into my place, Teddy went ballistic and ran out from under the bed, barking, and charged Bailey. Zoe, my cat, puffed out immensely. Ok, so we have some territory issues, but that’s ok. Things will work out well between the two of them, I think!

Mom seems to be very excited with her new companion, and I hope it works for her. Her house is now officially a menagerie of animals (all of whom hate each other), and if Teddy and I ever stay with her again it’s going to result in some real chaos. I guess we’ll cross that bridge when we have to!

3 thoughts on “Mom’s in the doghouse because…

  1. I like him…and I think you are right with part ausie…and I think I would know since I worked at a shelter for a year!! hehe…but my dog is still the cutest!

  2. i like the pic of your mom with the dog! 🙂what happened to the name tristin or tristen…not sure on the spelling? either way, very cute dog! you’ve got to love big dogs that think they are lap dogs. well i will see you soon.o…is the cat “leo” actually a leo…as in the zodiac sign…i just realized that leo is also a lion and lions are cats, so there are multiple meanings there. nevermind.

  3. Thanks for the doggie kudos. And Leo was born in May, but he’s a big cat, so to speak…a whopping 23 pounds! He was named for the lion (as an omen for good health, etc.) but I had no idea he’d grow up to BE one. All my animals (who hate each other) are duking it out for my affection…including Michael the parrot. Yes…if Marci moves back in with me there’s going to be some major show downs!Marci’s Mom, Catherine

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