Zero to Hero Update a Zero to Hero update:

It’s a good thing I have self-control and don’t become obsessive about new interests.

Days 5 and 7: Done and Done!

Like I mentioned in an earlier post, not every day of the Zero to Hero challenge has a writing component to it.  The day before yesterday I played around with LOTS of different themes for this blog (Day 5), and today I experimented with various headers, backgrounds and fonts (Day 7).  If you like them, let me know!  If you hate them, please don’t tell me that in those words because I dislike like wearing my frowny face.  But you’re welcome to offer up some constructive criticism or ideas!  Oh – and an extra treat for you – I now have a few different headers randomly cycling through at the top of this blog, so stop back often and collect ’em all!  🙂