Fishy in San Francisco

At the beginning of September, the Fish and Wildlife Service paid me to attend the American Fisheries Society annual meeting in San Francisco. Of course, I was born there and all, and have been to the City many times since then, but I decided it would be a fun trip. So, I whipped up a poster to present some of my graduate work during a poster session and set off. It was a nice week away from the job, but I soon discovered that going away for a week is not necessarily a vacation – you still have to meet your deadlines, so you basically have to bust your ass trying to get stuff done before you leave, and then when you get back you have to bust your ass trying to get to all the stuff you missed while you were gone. It’s not like I actually got to skip any work – it was just crammed in other places! Anyway, the trip to SFO was good – I saw lots of people from Colorado State, and we had a good time eating out and going to socials. Oh yeah – I also went to a few of the scientific talks – they were pretty good, I guess, but not a whole lot of new information, I thought. Want to see some pictures??? Here they are:
I stayed at the Parc 55, right downtown. This was the view from my room on the 21st floor at night.
Monday night was the poster session / social – right in the middle of it, these drums and symbols started banging and a couple of Chinese dragons came around to harass the meeting attendees. It was good fun.
A few of my CSU friends – Jill, Matt, Ayeisha, and me.
Jeremy (right) had a screening of his documentary film, River Webs. It was awesome! Afterwards, a few of us went out to sushi (that’s me on the left, then Owen and Miki, Dr. Fausch from CSU, and Jeremy).
Thursday night was the best social ever – they closed the Hyde Street Pier (near Ghiradelli Square) just for the AFS’ers and gave us access to the National Park’s boats. I declared myself captain of the Balclutha.
We all enjoyed the many buffets throughout the pier (serving fresh tuna, all sorts of salads, soups, fresh vegetables and fruit, and chocolate fondue), as well as the completely open bars that were set up and didn’t stop serving. That’s me above, Andrew, Jill, Matt, and Ayeisha.
The last day I was in the City I walked down to Japantown. I hadn’t been there since I was a little kid, and it had really changed. There was hardly anybody around, and all the shops were totally pricey and upscale – no bargain bins of stilt sandals and tabi sock anywhere! But at least I got a picture of this completely bizarre business sign. Good times!