Act 3: The Aftermath

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming!

Because we didn’t have our friends at our wedding, we thought it might be nice to have a potluck at our house so that we could gather our local-ish friends and any family members who were still in the area to bask in the glow of our loooove (sorry, ew). So, we sent out invitations notifying everyone to come to our house, along with their favorite food and/or beverage, the very day after our wedding.

Awww, how cute!

We frantically ran around trying to clean up the house, which actually looked pretty spectacular prior to guests showing up. Even the basement only had the faintest smell of cat-pee (but smelled mostly like Febreeze). Mom helped out tremendously (thanks, Mom!), and we even had time to sit down and say, “dang, I’m so hungry! where is everyone??? when is the food going to show up? should we just order some pizza???”

We didn’t have long to wait, though – friends started arriving and pretty soon, we had a full house. We had 74 people over that day, and it was so good to see everyone! I had friends from grad school and work there, Chris’ friends from school and the army showed up, and because a lot of Chris’ family is in the area, we had some of them show up, too. There were people upstairs schmoozing and intermingling. There were kids all over the place, playing video games in the basement and dismantling board games like Cranium and Battleship. There were five cats cowering in terrified confusion (somewhere). Success, right?

Ladies in the living room: Julie, me, and Jill – I met this dynamic duo in grad school and our mind-meld caused us all to wear black and purple on the same day. Amazing!!!
Chaos in the kitchen! This is where the beer was.
Bedlam in the basement! It’s a good thing we had this room open though, otherwise the upstairs might have resembled an over-stuffed clown car.

Right! The food was good, there were no unforgivable beverage spills, and we succeeded in putting all the elements of each board game into their proper box. We even managed to recover all five cats! My mom and step-mom did an amazing job cleaning the place up even before everyone completely left, and we had leftovers for a verrrrry long time. As a matter of fact, I think there’s still some cracker dip in the fridge. And plenty of plates/dishes/food containers that are now orphaned because we don’t know who they belong to.

Hey, you kids! You’d better make sure those plastic ships and bombing pegs don’t get lost in our special collector’s edition of Cranium!

It all went better than planned, and it was so good to see our friends, many of whom traveled a fair distance to be there. Thank you so much for visiting us! It was the perfect way to round out our wedding weekend, and share our experience with so many of our friends and family.

Next up: our final wedding exclusive – The Honeymoon (a.k.a. The Afterglow). We can then get back to reporting on our normal lives, alright?