Babies Babies Everywhere Babies

Wow, you people are reproducing machines! It seems like all of my friends and relatives are having first-time babies in the past few months. I feel like a reproductive failure in comparison! But not really – I’m glad that someone else is doing all that pushing and Lamazing and C-sectioning, rather than me. Here’s the short list of the latest batch of critters that are new to the world:

– Autumn Laura Monroe, born January 10 to my friends Jeremy and Dana
– Rhoan Morgan Alexander, born January 15 to my friends Ben and Jen
– Raimi Anne Juncal, born April 28 to my cousin Beth and her husband OB
– Adelaide Helen Koski, born May 22 to my brother Paul and his wife Anne
– Lucas William Craig, also born May 22 to my friends Kristi and Adam

So congratulations, all! Just remember, you only need to have one more in order to replace yourselves in the next generation. I know the babies are cute and everything (especially my new niece), but let’s not get crazy!

Everything’s turning up…PREGNANT!!!

My god, everyone is getting pregnant these days. I feel like some old freak, single, not wanting kids. That’s ok though – I’m perfectly fine being “Crazy Aunt Marci”. Here’s a list so far:

Cousin Beth and OB
Brother Paul and Anne
Friends Kristi and Adam

Yay, pregnant people! Anyone else I need to add to the list? Huh? Huh???