Fine Art Felines Friday: Paris Through the Window by Marc Chagall

Paris Through the Window (1913)

Paris Through the Window (1913)

Today’s short and sweet Fine Art Felines post features the painting “Paris Through the Window” by the Russian (and later French) Jewish artist Marc Chagall (1887 – 1985).   Painted in 1913 after Chagall moved to Paris, this painting portrays the draw of Paris to all types of artists who flocked to the city in the early 1900’s.  Chagall was an “early modernist”, and in this piece experiments with a cubist style.  What I really love about this painting is the color juxtaposition: a rainbow of colors on the window frame that produces an almost prismatic effect upon the city amidst an otherwise brown and drab landscape.  I like to think that perhaps Chagall, in looking out his window at the city, was able to imagine all the possibilities that were in front of him – kind of like looking at the world through “rose-colored glasses”.  And of course, having a colorful cat to help you dream is an integral part of that visualization!  I’m not sure what is up with the human face on the cat, but if Chagall was anything like many of the cat lovers I know (including myself), we often anthropomorphize our kitties, giving them very human-like personalities layered upon their feline souls.

Regardless, this painting makes me happy.  How lucky would we be if we could all see such color outside our own windows of reality?

When Matisse dies, Chagall will be the only painter left who understands what colour really is”. — Pablo Picasso

6 thoughts on “Fine Art Felines Friday: Paris Through the Window by Marc Chagall

  1. Lovely to see the work of Chagall, one of my favorite painters, this morning and accompanied by a quote by Pablo Picasso to boot! Well done Marci. Thanks so much for sharing that painting and your thoughts on the kitty pictured within it.

    • Thanks, Stephanie! And, when I was researching Chagall, I discovered that he had an amazing life, including successfully surviving being a Jew in Europe during WWII. And, he knew so many other incredible artists! I’ll definitely have to look at more of his work…he might just be on my list of favorite painters soon! 😀

  2. You’ve done it again. Brought me to a world I’ve not known. I had no idea Chagall was Russian, and your instructive pointers to view this lovely piece make it come alive because of your astute observations.

    You are such a treasure, my dear Marci. I’m still in the darkest throes of wrestling with Robin’s difficult battle; it’s not an exaggeration to say you are one of my richest gifts of 2014. I hope you know that.

    • Oh, thank you so much, Sammy! I very much feel the same way – I’m so happy that we met through the A to Z Challenge. You’ve kept cheering me on, and I very much value the relationship we’ve built over the interwebs! Meeting you has been one of the highlights of my year as well ❤

      Also, I understand how hard it is to think about the horrible way that depression and addition tortured Robin Williams during his lifetime. I've been watching a few of his movies and comedy routines but the past week has cast his performances in a very different light for me – I don't think watching him will ever be the same. I hope that he is in a better place, and that the twinkle in his eyes that I loved so much is now completely unclouded by his afflictions. As I said in a comment above, I'll bet there's a new star up there that has his twinkle, which will look upon us forever ❤

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