I Needed an Attitude Adjustment so I got a NEW BIKE!!!

I’ve gotten in a little bit of a rut around exercise (see my recent posts on roller derby, any of them) so I decided to start biking to work again (which may just help me with endurance and my 27-in-5 goals).  I pulled my mountain bike out of the shed, dusted it off and tested the brakes when – SNAPPO! – one of the brake cables gave out.  One of the brake lines went slack and I couldn’t see how to fix it, so I said “eff this…I’m getting a new bike”!  Actually, I’d been wanting a new bike for a while because my mountain bike wasn’t great for biking to work – it’s pretty heavy, and just slow and cumbersome.  So after some advice and browsing, I came home from The Bike Gallery with this beauty, a brand new Trek Allant!


It’s a super sweet ride just perfect for the trendy bike commuter – fenders, large squishy seat for my bum, and angled grips to keep my hands from falling asleep.  I sit all upright, like Mary Poppins, or more accurately, the Wicked Witch of the West.  I breezed to work this morning and barely broke a sweat!  Of course, the best part about a new bike is pimping it out with awesome accessories, like my new bike bell:


And just to share all the bicycling fun, here’s an ear-worm for you.  Maybe you’ll be inspired to get your bike out, too!  (Okay, so this is the official music video and there *might* be (or, more accurately, is) some nudity in it, but seriously, it isn’t any worse/better than the World Naked Bike Ride, held in Portland every year.  Enjoy!)

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11 thoughts on “I Needed an Attitude Adjustment so I got a NEW BIKE!!!

  1. Too funny. Not sure I’d chance the road rash of naked biking, but here’s to cool breezes up your skirt and miles of smiles on your new “Star” Trek-kie 🙂

  2. BTW if you have time… I don’t know if you follow any of Lainey’s blogs, but check out her post today on http://steampooka.wordpress.com because I think you’ll really enjoy meeting the lady – Wanda Gay – she wrote about today. I’ve never heard of Wanda. Cats, feminism, story teller, great illustrations and a super cute hair cut – just the kind of lady you’ll love 🙂

    • Ooooh – thanks, Sammy! I just checked out Lainey’s blog and it definitely is one that I’ll put on my watch list! Wanda Gag – how have I never heard of her before? And dang, her haircut IS super cute! I will have to look up more about her.

      I’m looking forward to new biking adventures, too – no yucca in the area, but we have plenty of pinecones to avoid running over and small children to avoid in the streets. I’ll make sure my skirt is appropriately breezeless! 😉

  3. “I want to ride my bicycle! I want to write my biiiike” ~Queen
    Sa-weeet ride! It reminds me of my bike. A major boardwalk cruiser with white walls and what I call a big butt seat. I don’t want to be losing a tiny wedge seat up my butt!

    I looove your pin up girl bell! I adore pin up art. Reminds me of the inner vixen in all of us gals!

    Your bike gets the serious Ava stamp of approval. ;p Ride it in good health!!

    • Thanks, Ava! Some of the old-school cruisers that they had at the bike shop were AH-MAZE-ING but I needed something with a few more gears…but if I were a bike collector, that’s the next bike I would buy. Electra makes a beautiful cruiser that’s black with pink flames all over it – total badassery. But, like you noticed via the bike bell, I’m finding little ways to pimp my commuter ride with a few personalized touches. Ding ding!!! 😀

    • I will, and thanks for stopping by my blog! And again, so sorry for your loss of Marbles. Losing an animal is one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to endure and I know it’s not easy to say goodbye. I’m sure Marbles felt the love, though! ❤

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