Fine Art Felines Funday: Slim Woman with a Cat by Geza Farago

Slim Woman with a Cat by Geza FaragoI’ll admit I’ve been slacking.  I’m supposed to post Fine Art Felines on Fridays, but since I was being lazy (owning it!), I didn’t get around to writing this post until today.  However, today’s painting is one that I really love.

“Slim Woman with a Cat” was painted by Hungarian artist Geza Farago (1877 – 1928) in 1913.  Farago worked in Budapest as a theatrical costume designer, poster artist, and (my favorite) a cartoonist.  What I love about this painting is the art-deco style of the lines (especially with the cat – it reminds me of Le Chat Noir), and the combination of flat colors used on the cat, dress and sandy background in conjunction with the shaded areas of the woman’s neck, face and hands.  The combination makes a 2-dimensional painting pop, turning geometric shapes into a 3-D illusion full of depth and texture.  I also really like the colors that were used, with the blue and green details on the dress echoed in the night sky and water.  I hope you like it, too!  Happy Mother’s Day!

16 thoughts on “Fine Art Felines Funday: Slim Woman with a Cat by Geza Farago

  1. That is a very engaging picture. I see the dimension in the way she is pursing her lips and stretching her neck. The color hues are spectacular. Both she and the cat have strong postures while they gaze. Thanks for sharing lovely art.

    • Thank you, Sammy! For some reason I am mesmerized by this piece. I want to know if there’s anything in particular they are both looking at…maybe a shooting star? The aurora borealis, which would match the colors in the woman’s clothing? What drew the cat’s attention as well? It must be a full moon, given the light on the woman’s upturned face and the top of her hands…so many questions and information that can be gathered about what’s going on off canvas! 😉

      • I agree – i wondered why she seemed to be shading her eyes when it appeared to be mighttime. The longer I stared at her, the more movement i saw and the more slive she became. And the cat is so present in the scene.

  2. Slim Woman With A Cat – a beautiful piece of artwork. The colors are nicely blended with that mysterious nighttime setting that has me wondering what the cat and woman are staring at.

    • I know, yes? I think the cat and the woman are looking at the full moon, or perhaps a shooting star, or the aurora borealis, or maybe an unidentified flying object. Or maybe they are trying to draw new constellations! So many possibilities 😀

  3. I’ve never seen this picture. Interesting and I like your description. It is rather flat and yet pops. Art deco is such a unique style. Found you on the A to Z road trip. I am meandering.

    • Hi Joanne! Thanks for stopping by – glad you liked the painting! I try to post Fine Art Felines every other Friday. Art deco is definitely one of my favorite styles, and I LOVE this painting. You’re right – it does pop! Safe travels on the A to Z road trip – and have fun! 😀

    • Thanks, Stephanie! I’m glad you like the painting – I’d never heard of this artist or seen this painting either. Art deco is one of my favorite styles, and when I came across this work I immediately knew it had to be featured in Fine Art Felines Friday (or Sunday, in this case)! 😀

    • I love this style, too! The shapes and lighting are amazing – so very art deco-like, which I am obsessed with. Thanks for stopping by again! 🙂

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