Ladies I Love: P is for the Power Puff Girls (Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice, plus Whoopass!)

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Are you ready to meet today’s Ladies I Love in the A to Z Challenge?  If so, P is for the POWERPUFF GIRLS, who consist of Blossom (“the leader”, in pink), Bubbles (“the joy and the laughter”, in blue), and my favorite, Buttercup (“the toughest fighter”, in green).   The girls were created by their scientist “father”, Professor Utonium, who combined sugar, spice and everything nice…plus an accidental little something extra to give them their super powers.  The original cartoon, created by Craig McCracken in 1992, was called “Whoopass Stew!” but was renamed by the time it made its official debut on the Cartoon Network in 1998.  By then, the “little something extra” had been changed from a can of whoopass to “Chemical X”, which gave the Powerpuff Girls superhero powers such as flight, super strength, x-ray and heat vision, and super speed.  But the thing I love about the cartoon is that, even though these girls can do all these incredible things, they still have to face issues that siblings and youngsters go through: rivalries, hygiene issues, the use of security blankets, wetting the bed, and going to school.  Not to mention, fighting all the criminals and villains who want to take over Townsville, where the Powerpuff Girls and Professor Utonium live (and unfortunately, destroying much of Townsville in the process)!

Buttercup-powerpuff-girls-24270377-391-429My favorite character is definitely Buttercup, because she just wants to throw-down and fight the bad guys.  She doesn’t do a whole lot of planning ahead, she’s more of an action type of girl!  She’s strong-willed, adventurous, and isn’t afraid to get dirty and play rough.  She takes no prisoners!  I like her so much that I dressed up for her in a parade that our roller derby league participated in – the theme of the parade was “Super Heroes”, and I chose to be Buttercup.  She’s a superhero, right???  And the villains are kind of THE BEST EVER for an animated series.  Take this quiz to find out which villain you are (I came out as Mojo Jojo)!

Powerpuff Girls 2013The last episode of the Powerpuff Girls aired in 2005, but the Powerpuff Girls also starred in a feature-length animated film, a 10-year anniversary special in 2008, and a 2014 special (made without McCracken’s involvement).  For the 2014 special, the Powerpuff Girls received a CGI makeover (which I personally don’t like nearly as much as the more colorful, rounded version of the girls).  But the Powerpuff Girls had a very successful run, being nominated for and winning several awards in the process.

If you’re not familiar with the Powerpuff Girls, I know you are curious to get a little taste.  Here are two clips for you:  first, the theme that shows at the beginning of each episode:

And second, a clip from one of my favorite episodes, “Take a Bath, Buttercup!” where Buttercup refuses to wash her stinky self!

Who is your favorite Powerpuff Girl or villain?  Or, if you have another favorite cartoon altogether, what is it?  I’d love to know who you cheer for in the fight of good vs. evil (and which side you’re on)!

16 thoughts on “Ladies I Love: P is for the Power Puff Girls (Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice, plus Whoopass!)

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    • Mojojojo is fantastic!!! I love all the villains in the Powerpuff Girls…if I didn’t know better, it seems like Buttercup (my favorite) walks the line between good guy and bad guy sometimes…glad you got to enjoy these fun little superheros when your kiddo was growing up! 😀

    • The 90’s were awesome…good thing I live in the Portland area (where the dream of the 90’s is still alive…) lol! Thanks for stopping by! 😀

  2. I missed these completely! Glad to see your snippets here and hear your glowing recommendation. Will look into them for my g’daughter! Always looking for strong but realistic role models to counter the Barbie & princess invasions!

    • Oh yes! It may be a little bit violent for the younger kiddos (I have a very low tolerance for exposure of little kids to violence), but the Powerpuff Girls are great in that they are not sexualized at all (at least the originals are not; a lot of little girl cartoons seem to be getting makeovers!), they have to deal with regular issues (as well as villains), and they work together to solve problems. The best thing, however, is that seeing girls as superheroes is a good thing for the youngsters! Barbie and most princesses generally make me want to puke a little bit (although I do like the girl from Brave, and Mulan). I hope you’re having a great trip, wherever you are, Sammy! 🙂

      • Yes, Brave and Mulan are great, and the females in Frozen are well-portrayed also. We are home safely; long drive to visit elderly relative; glad we went and glad we’re home!

        • I haven’t seen Frozen yet, but of course, everyone is going nuts over it so I suppose I’ll catch it one of these days! 🙂 Glad you had a good trip, but it is always nice to come home!

        • There is THE cutest little snowman in Frozen. If you’re not sick of winter! Maybe you’ll watch it on a steamy July day this summer while eating a popsicle :-). G’night.- will see you Monay for R. 💥💥💌

    • Bubbles was the cute one! I think we all have our favorites for various reasons – being able to connect with characters draws our interest and our attention. 😀

    • SERIOUSLY, right??? I always thought Blossom was kind of bossy and annoying, but Buttercup was always just straight up. Thanks for stopping by! 😉

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