Zero to Hero: Done and Done!

word.Day 30 of Zero to Hero is complete!  A lot of the program was “behind the scenes”; i.e., not actual blog posts, which I enjoyed.  It made me think a lot about how my blog and brand is presented, and helped me solidify what I want my blog to be.  I’ve got some great ideas in the works, which I’m very excited about.  But now on to the next blogging adventure:  April’s A to Z Challenge!  I’ll be blogging every day in April (except for Sundays), with each day corresponding to a letter of the alphabet.  I even have a theme, which shall be revealed on March 21.  Stay tuned!

6 thoughts on “Zero to Hero: Done and Done!

  1. Good luck with A-Z! I’m in awe of people participating in this challenge. Thanks for visiting my blog. I can never stay with just one ring tone for more than a few months. Kudos to your for staying with Always Look On the Bright Side of Life all these years. Can’t blame you. A very great pick-me-up, keep positive song. 🙂

    • Yeah, I thought about it for a while before I committed to the theme. But actually, having a theme really helped me with picking what I’m writing about every day ahead of time. I think that without a theme I would really struggle with “what do I write about today?”; instead, it’s given me some structure and provided me with A LOT of options. Which is kind of the opposite of what I thought it would do. Anywho…I totally understand the OCD thing…I think I’m there! 😀

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