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I started A Very Marcilicious Blog back in 2005.  I can’t remember why, exactly, I started it, only that I really loved writing and humor, and wanted to connect with the world in some bigger way than I was at that time.  My blog posts started with funny clip art pictures or brief thoughts on whatever topic passed through my mind.  It then evolved into more of a “what I’m up to” blog, then a travel blog, and then a blog that I always had to catch up on, and then an overwhelming blog that just seemed unmanageable to deal with.  Sad to say, it had turned into something that I looked at as a chore, and that I did largely to update a few family members and friends that I didn’t talk to regularly about my latest whereabouts.  It was toned down, bland, and uninspired.  I quit writing for a few months.  I took some time off.

Enter 2014!  I decided to revive A Very Marcilicious Blog, which I’ve renamed Fuzzy Undertones.  I switched from Blogger to WordPress to breathe some fresh air into my blog’s appearance.  I thought long and hard about what I wanted to write.  I may not have everything fleshed out right now, but I know that I want to write more creatively.  I do a lot of technical writing at work and it has been crushing my creative side.  But it’s not dead yet, as evidenced by this blog’s re-emergence into the web-o-sphere!  I will post pictures, random thoughts, irreverent rants, updates on my adventures, and everything you wanted to know (or not) about my cats.

I realize that blogging (and most social media) is all about narcissism…so much of it is about the writer.  Honestly, why should anyone else care what one person (like me) has to say about anything?  Why not just have a personal journal as opposed to a web-published diary of sorts?  I think part of it, for me at least, is that I’m having trouble owning my ideas and thoughts as being valuable – and I don’t want my brain to settle for apathy.  That scares the shit out of me.  So to connect with other people who might have similar thoughts and ideas, or at least appreciate them, is almost a way of validation.  It shouldn’t matter what other people think of me, and it doesn’t.  I guess I’m just scared of not being thought of at all.  And bonus – having a blog is like being given a little bite of low-cal immortality.  Taste it once and you’ll want more.

I just started doing this “Zero to Hero” blogging thing, which is a 30 day process to better blogging.  I hope you’ll understand (and maybe appreciate?) this little (albeit self-centered) journey I’m about to embark on – to be a better writer, a more creative thinker, and more of a participant in our human community.  Maybe you’ll start or refresh your own blog, yes?  If you do, let me know where you live online – I’ll follow you with all my support! ❤

2 thoughts on “Fresh-Squeezed Blogging

  1. Nice Marci! I love your humor too.
    I couldn’t do a blog like yours because I don’t think I’m funny, but I do write. I write for the clearing of my brain. And I know when I have left it out of my day.
    I did think for a short while about a school blog, writing about being a teacher, then a ramp agent for Horizon, then a teacher again, and the perspective which it provided.
    Thanks again for coming out of the daze of technical writing and back into the realm of creative writing.

    • Thanks, Kellie! I totally appreciate your support. And, for what it’s worth, I think that your voice would make for a wonderful blog, even if you don’t think you’re funny. You don’t need to be! Just the few things that you wrote, then read, for book club tell me that you’re an excellent writer, and that’s a gift that can be appreciated! Especially by me! :o)

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