Finally done! And it’s not 2019!

Hurray!  I’ve finished my 2011 scrapbook!  I’ve been putting together 12×12 scrapbooks for each year (and additional books for various trips, cruises, etc.) since about 2001, and switched over to digital scrapbooking for my 2005-to-present books.  I hate calling it scrapbooking, because it brings up images that don’t quite describe me.  But that’s ok – my move to digital rectified most of my issues there.  I simply GAVE AWAY most of my scrapbooking supplies, tools, totes and everything else; I think I sold my largest tote packed with supplies for only $90.  I’d probably spent over $1000 on all that crap, too.

But doing digital layouts is much better – you don’t have to lug supplies around, get everything out, clean everything up, deal with paper, stickers, glue, and things that don’t quite match.  I use Photoshop Elements to create all of my pages, and EVERYTHING can be resized, recolored, reshaped and replaced just the way you want it.  It’s still time-consuming, but all you need is a laptop and your digital pictures!  Yay!

Anyway, I did finish 2011.  I’ve even started on 2012.  I used to try to catch up on the oldest years, but I decided to just work backwards instead.  So, I still have to do 2007 – 2010, but that’s not so bad, right?  Right???  Riiiiiiiight. 

So I’m happy to share my 2011 book – feel free to check it out on my share site!  You can look at it full-screen (keep in mind that it’s not full resolution, but it still looks pretty good).  Click here to see!

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