Finally…A Sunny Weekend!

It seems that the weather has finally turned! Lately we’ve had more sun than rain, and the temperatures are getting to the point where I haven’t had to wear my coat to work (although I still wear my wrap sweater and use my space heater every day in my office). So, we took advantage of the sunny weather and headed out for a couple of nights at the coast over Memorial Day Weekend.

Our first task was wine tasting. We drove through Yamhill County, stopping at Penner-Ash (meh), and the Carlton Winemakers Studio (yum).

The view from the tasting room at Penner-Ash – it doesn’t look particularly sunny here, but it was gorgeous anyway!

We then made our way to Lincoln City, and drove south just a little way down the coast to Salishan Resort, where we stayed for two nights. It was actually a pretty nice place – our room had a view of the ocean, a fireplace, and the whole thing was kind of like an Ewok village because it was built in the forest with catwalks that connected all the buildings. It was almost like going to summer camp, but with much better food and a bar with a pool table. We even played a round of golf – 18 holes of putting greens (and I believe I won by 4 strokes).

The view from our room – we could even see the ocean.
Chris kind of kicked my butt at pool.
The putting course – it was very pretty, and was even registered as designated bird habitat by Audubon.
Chris may have beaten me at pool, but I triumphed at golf!

Over the course of two days we visited Chris’ friends Brad and Tyler, who were working on putting the finishing touches on a rental home they were helping to build in Lincoln City. The place was amazing. No drywall in the entire house – everything was wood. And, it was right on the coast – direct beach access, and lots of windows. We also met up with them at the casino those two nights – I didn’t do too terribly well at craps, and Chris did a little better at poker. But we didn’t lose our shorts, so I’ll consider it a success.

Coming back we had a marginally obscene breakfast at Lil’ Sambo’s (named after the beloved (?) racist children’s book), where there was some random old guy in the parking lot dressed as Captain America. I wanted to stop there because I remembered the story from when I was a kid, and liked the tiger in the front of the restaurant.

I finally remembered the story when I read it at their gift shop. Tigers turning into butter???
WTF??? And why isn’t his mask on correctly?

I look forward to more sunny weekends in the near future!

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