Met my blog quota…

What up, peeps? You may have noticed that I’ve been “slacking” on the old blog posts recently. Well, I could give you a number of “reasons” or “excuses” for this such as:

1. I’ve been sick
2. I’ve been busy
3. It’s none of your business

However, the real reason is that, according to my records, I’ve met my blog quota for the year. Yep, that’s right – as of this writing, I’ll have posted 34 blog entries, which far exceeds the 12 I had for the entirety of last year. So, I think I can just pat myself on the back, say I did a good job, and take an easy month and a half off until the new year begins. No?

Heh heh – I’m just kidding around. Actually, I *have* been sick, *have* been busy, and it’s only your business if you want it to be. In the past month I moved into Chris’ place, attempted (somewhat lamely) to unpack a few things, hosted my mom when she visited up here, and slogged through the majority of my days whilst sitting in front of a computer at work. This upcoming month shows no signs of slowing, either, with more relatives coming to visit for Thanksgiving, Chris and my one-year anniversary (yay!), and Christmas on the way. Whew! So with that, I’ll leave you with just a few photos taken within the past couple of weeks:

Me and my brand-spankin’ new niece, Nora Paige
Me and The Mommy
Me, Jesse, and Chris (the furry one – hee hee!)

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