This Peep Show’s Not Free, Folks…

Hey! I think I’ve been doing pretty well with maintaining my New Year’s promise to blog more frequently. Wouldn’t you agree? Yes? Alright then. Now that we’re all on board with that, let me ask you this. What’s up, people? You think you can just read my blog and get free laughs without having to do anything for them? There is no free lunch my friends, so listen up. Blog participation is a two-way street! I’ve had my blog-follower’s list up for over a month now, and get this…I have no followers. Does this mean that no one is reading my blog? No, it can’t be, because at least 7 of you people have voted in my latest poll (thank you!). So here’s what you can do for me: 1) sign up as a Marcilicious blog follower (it’s easy to do – just click the button on the right side of my blog, below), and 2) vote in my polls (there are just a few days left for this one). Easy right? Almost as easy as just freeloading entertainment from my blog anonymously…ha ha ha!!! Feeling guilty yet? Yeah, I thought so! :oP

3 thoughts on “This Peep Show’s Not Free, Folks…

  1. Hi, Marci.
    You can add two more, but we're going to be Closet Marcilicious Blog followers. Signing up for Google Friend is just one more place our address would get Out There, and we'd rather just not do that. We do read your posts regularly, though, and enjoy them immensely. Speaking of immensely, that IS quite some belly dancing outfit you're wearing….
    Dad and Mom

  2. Where is the Chuck E. Cheese Animatronic Extravaganza blog??? You even have some pics to go with it since you figured out how to use your scanner, yo! As a loyal, *registered* follower of all that is Marcilicious, I feel like I can make reasonable requests 😉

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