Holy "NO MORE" Moley!

Yup, that’s right, I finally got rid of THE mole. You know, the one on the bridge of my nose between my eyes. The one that was growing its own personality. The one that was going to start talking out loud any day. It has been a long time coming, let me tell you – people kept asking me, “when are you going to get rid of that thing?” And I kept putting it off – it’s a part of me, of my face. I didn’t even really notice it on a daily basis, looking in the mirror. BUT, when I saw photographs of myself, my eye would be immediately drawn to IT…so I knew it was time for me and my mole to part ways.It was pretty easy, really – it didn’t hurt at all, and the wound isn’t *that* noticeable (or at least, not as noticeable as an organism the approximate size of an eight-week-old fetus nestled between my eyes would be). And the wound is temporary…AND, my coworkers have been kind enough not to say anything about it.

Whatever…I’m just saying.

Here are pictures of me and Nicole at the Wild Animal Park at Lorikeet Landing last weekend (pre-mole-D-Day). By the way – not too many single guys will attend “A Taste of CRES”, so you can cross that off your list of ways to meet eligible single guys. Again, I’m just saying.

See that mole??? It’s no longer there!!!

Look at how cute Nicole is…

2 thoughts on “Holy "NO MORE" Moley!

  1. Did Nicole talk you into being mole-less? There’s a big responsibility associated with this new visage, which Nicole may not told you about. All I can say is, carry a big stick. You’ll be pecked to death by love-starved men who’ve been waiting for a mole-free version of you to come into their lives.Finally.Mole King

  2. The shallow bastards….But seriously, I have known you for what…. 6 years or so. Not once have ever mentioned the mole, although I did kinda notice it. Now that you have broached the subject, I feel free to say something about it, though: I’m glad you are relieved to be rid of it.I have always fretted over my crooked teeth, personally. They aren’t way out of line, but enough to have made me a little self-conscious about smiling at times over the years. I’m scheduled to get braces on November 4. Yikes.

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