The Aftermath

Ok, so I just added several blog entries about my dad and stepmom’s visit to see me in San Diego. But they are listed in reverse order, so you have to scroll down a few entries and read up. If you haven’t read them already, do so now.


Are you done? Good. So the results were: 1) I had a great time while the folks were here, and really enjoyed seeing them and most of San Diego county; and 2) I got dreadfully sick with an evil virus the day after they left. I wasn’t feeling too good before they arrived, but Thursday night I had a fever, and I left work early on Friday. I spent all of Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday on the couch watching daytime TV. I didn’t think I could get sick of that, but did I ever. The quality of daytime programming has really gone downhill – too much Tyra, not enough CHiPs. But to be fair, can there ever be enough 1970’s Eric Estrada in highway patrol uniform garb? Maybe so. But I digress. I’m feeling better today, but decided to stay home to recoup a little more and get some real rest (and blog). Pictured below are my new best friends from the past few days:

Oh, and if you’re sick and haven’t tried them – Puffs Plus with Vicks is the best. Kleenex with lotion and menthol scent? Woo hoo!!!

Three and a half days of sick leave: 14 weeks of work to make up for it (for real, since I earn four hours of sick leave for every two weeks worked).
Getting reimbursed for my doctor’s visit copay and all the medicine I bought with my Flexible Spending Account: Priceless (actually, it sums to $50.50, but who’s counting?).

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