All that TV watching is finally paying off!

You guessed it – I’ve been chosen as a Nielsen family! Today I received my Nielsen Ratings TV Viewing Diary, and $30 cold hard cash. When they called to inform me of this honor, I thought I’d be getting a check for $30 or some form that I had to turn in with the diary in order to get $30, so you can imagine how surprised I was to see $30 in cash tucked in with my TV diary package. Woohoo!!! Thirty bucks to watch TV???!!! I have to track all my TV viewing for a week, starting this Thursday. I hope the TV diary has enough paper…

I know you are jealous.

One thought on “All that TV watching is finally paying off!

  1. Do we get to suggest what you watch? I voted for Kucinich, but he dropped out from lack of support. There are some TV programs I watch that might drop off too, but with your help…I hope they get the irony of you watching Leslie Nielsen movies.

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