Speaking of Teddy…

Teddy Bear actually got in his new dog bed for about 30 seconds the other day. Miraculously, I had my camera in hand, so I snapped a few photos. Then he left the bed and Zoe took it over again. She loves it! Meanwhile, Jesse continues to enjoy his “donut”, which is about half the size of him. Somehow, he manages to squeeze himself into it and sleep. Weirdo. Anyway, last week Teddy went in to the vet to get his snaggle-tooth removed; it was hanging out of his mouth crooked and turning brown – yuck! I waited a while to see if it would fall out, and I even tried giving it a tug or two, but I got grossed out and decided to let the vet handle it. Plus, I’m sure that it didn’t feel so good for Teddy. They removed the tooth, and two more fell out when they were cleaning his teeth – poor geriatric puppy! The vet said that a lot of his larger molars had been shattered somehow, maybe by chewing bones or other hard things when he was younger. Yuck! But now, his teeth are all taken care of and I can’t even smell his breath. Amazing!

One thought on “Speaking of Teddy…

  1. You mentioned you did not want to be the wird cat lady who lives in the old house down the street. It begs the question – just <><>WHERE<><> are you moving?

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